Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas markets, christmas parties, etc

On the weekend of Dec 7th - 9th I went to Vienna to walk around the various Christmas markets with my girlfriend. It's quite amazing how many Christmas markets they have and also how many stand there are in each market selling punch. The turbo-punch really kicks ass and really makes you warm (it also makes you drunk). The Austrians seem to like hanging out in a Christmas market and drinking lots and lots of punches. I quite like it too.

We got back Sunday evening and I had Monday to rest a bit. Then Tuesday morning I hopped on my scooter to the airport where I had to ran to catch my flight to Heathrow. My name was already being called out while I was going through airport security. I got to Heathrow, took a cab to the office, then a coach to a restaurant, had a nice office Christmas lunch, drank lots, took a cab back to the airport and flew back home. All in a day's job.

Wednesday I was home and Thursday morning I flew out again, this time to Luxembourg. There I joined the office Christmas party held in a nice hotel in the middle of nowhere in Germany. I partied till I couldn't keep awake anymore and on Friday I was hungover. I had to wait a couple of hours at the airport as the flight was delayed. I got to Geneva and went straight to my girlfriend's office Christmas party. Again a couple of drinks followed.

Saturday had to rush around to do some errands and had a nice dinner and drinks with friends. Sunday woke up early to prepare a fry-up for some friends. Then went to the local Christmas market - although in this one they don't have turbo punch.

Now I need some sleep.


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