Thursday, December 06, 2007


Last weekend was the time of the year again where I challenge my endurance in the annuals "escalade" race. It's not a long race, just 7,25 km but it's still a long way for someone who has pretty much no endurance like me. It was also a bit cold and wet but that doesn't stop someone like me from running (hehehehehe).

The first time I did it in 2005, I ran it in 40.05 minutes and came 1591st. To put that in perspective, my mates all did it around 30 minutes. Last year I ran it in 39.07 and came 1573rd. One minute improvement but only 18 places better. This year I ran it in 37.52 and came in 835th.

If I keep this up in ten years time I will be able to compete with my mates.

btw, they have clips of everyone crossing over the finish line. You can download it here.


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