Monday, January 21, 2008

Snowboard vs skiing

Ever since I've took on wintersports, I've only done snowboarding. At the time the decision was quite easy, in all honesty it was cooler to snowboard than to ski. And probably easier as I know how to skateboard a bit. It took me a while learning by myself but I can now say that I'm a good snowboarder (not excellent or magnificent but just good).

Last year I found some ski boots in my girlfriend's parents cellar and they fitted me perfectly. It belonged to someone who is unlikely to ask them back so I took them and made the decision to try skiing once. I almost went last year but grey weather kept me from doing it.

So on Sunday I said to myself - I am going to ski. I brought my snowboard as well, just in case. I rented a pair of skis (for €9) and set off with my girlfriend. We just went on a green piste (the easiest one). At some points I picked up speed and everything but the biggest problem was that I couldn't shrug of speed. So there I went, going faster and faster until I braked. Also having the poles was actually a hindrance for me as I tried turning using the poles (you should turn using your body weight). I managed to go down the piste with only a couple light falls. Then I went to my car and switched to my snowboard.

At least I've done it and I didn't do bad for a first timer (I actually think I did pretty alright). I just need to learn to shrug of speed but if I can do that I can then do both skiing and snowboarding. I'll try again next time.


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