Monday, January 07, 2008


Last Sunday I went up to Contamines with a couple of friends. On Saturday we all bought helmets, so we thought it'll be a good time to test the helmets. We weren't sure about the weather, but I was sure that it snowed a bit on Saturday night, so there must be some powder. As I woke up, I looked outside and it was raining.

We got there at 10.30 and after kitting up and putting on the helmets, we went up. Suprisingly there wasn't a queue at the ticket booth. We saw a bit of snow, but still wasn't sure how the day was going to be. Got out of the ski lift and realised that there is a bit of powder. Then we went a bit higher and it was powder everywhere. It was cloudy and sometimes we were in the clouds where we couldn't see anything at all, but the powder was absolutely magnificent.

And then we realised that there was almost nobody else on the piste. Great powder, not a lot of people, all we were missing was some sun, but that wasn't important. In the afternoon it cleared up a bit and we even saw the sun for a bit.

It was great boarding in powder, boarding without a lot of people around you, no queues at ski lifts, and falling down with a helmet on the head. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun snowboarding. Hopefully the season will stay like this.


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