Monday, February 18, 2008

Burger King

Today at lunch time I though of going to Burger King. I'm more of a McDonald's person but once in a while I like to indulge in a Whopper with Onion Rings on the side. The burger actually tastes better than McDonald's but the fries sucks.

Anyway, it came as a suprise to me to see that the only Burger King in town has shut down and in its place is a new fast food restaurant selling burgers called Swissmeal. So Burger King has left the city. What a shame. I heard something about Burger King before but didn't realise it was shutting down.

I didn't go into Swissmeal, although I suspect they do sell burgers that are similar to the Whopper (based on some blogs it's actually true). Same thing happened with Wendy's ages ago. They shut down and in its place came a new restaurant with a different name but a similar logo selling similar stuff. And where Kentucky Fried Chicken used to be, now there is a fast food joint selling - guess what? - chicken.

I guess I have to try Swissmeal one of these days.


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