Wednesday, March 05, 2008

78th Geneva Motor Show

It's that time of year again, where all car manufacturers all over the world flock to Geneva, Switzerland for the annual motorshow. A show where I have had the opportunity to come as a member of press for the past 8 years. A show where the manufacturers showcase their latest technology. No surprise that this year, all manufacturers were big on eco stuff. Even Cadillac had a hybrid Escalade!

Anyway, yesterday was press day and like usual my cousin flew in to enjoy the press day with me. We started out at Kia as they were the first one who had visible breakfast. It was just bog standard croissants and orange juice so we moved on to Citroen. Over there the breakfast was quite good, very nicely presented as if it was a Michelin starred restaurant. A couple of sandwiches, some cakes, scrambled egg, and shot glasses of orange, coffee and yoghurt. A good start for the day. Same their cars suck.

A mid-morning snack was more than welcome at Ferrari. Even though they make fast cars, the coffee machine was very slow. I wonder why? For lunch it was business as usual at Toyota. Good stuff, dependable stuff. Then to Mercedes for a second lunch - a German speciality of sausages and potatoes. To be a bit picky, the food was actually from Bayern, whereas Mercedes hails from Stuttgart. Their biggest competitor - BMW - hails from Bayern. I wonder if the chef realised this?

Dessert at Nissan, drinks at Volvo and Saab. More drinks at Volkswagen, snacks at Ford.

And as of 5pm there was the Mini after work party. And this year it was actually full - even though Mercedes and Th!nk had similar parties. Good cocktails and good nibbles, mixed with cool music is worth closing the day for.

I really enjoy the car show, I do.


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