Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Weekend

For about two months, me and my girlfriend, er, fiancee, were contemplating on going away for a week around easter. With a long weekend, we could easily go away for 7-9 days with only taking 4 days off work. As usual, we both were busy with work and what not, so in the end left it very very late to look for holidays.

At Wednesday before Easter we went into some travel agents trying to look for last minute offers, but since this is Switzerland, they don't do last minute offers very well. Swiss people tend to plan their holidays months and months in advance, nobody is crazy enough to do it last minute and no travel agent is crazy enough to offer special last minute rates. We looked for Sharm-el-Sheik, Las Palmas, Canary Island, everything with sun and beach and where we could scuba dive, but nothing came up.

So on Wednesday night we just sat at home, browsing the web and we found another destination: Stuttgart. You might wonder, why Stuttgart? Well, it's only 5 hours driving, it has an outley center close by and well that's it really.

We booked a hotel and decided to drive 5 hours. I charged my GPS on Thursday night but Friday morning when we woke up it was all white around us. Yes, for the first time this winter, it snowed properly. This then made the driving a bit of a challenge, as it probably be more than 5 hours in treacherous conditions. I still wanted to drive but my fiancee looked up some flights and found a cheap flight to Stuttgart via Zurich. So in the end we flew to very short journeys (30 minutes to Zurich, then 25 minutes to Stuttgart).

The outlet city is called Metzingen and it's amazing what they all have. Hugo Boss is the biggest store there by far, but any other brand - you name it and they probably have an outlet store there. We also found some nice restaurants to eat, a city center and on Sunday morning we went to the museum to see Pop Art Portraits.

All in all, it was a nice getaway. If ever you want to do some serious shopping, then Metzingen is recommended.


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