Thursday, March 13, 2008


About a month ago I was sitting in a meeting room trying to read the powerpoint presentation that was given. Normally I don't have problems with my eyesight, but this time I just couldn't read what was on the screen in front of me. Granted, I was sitting in the back, but still I used to have 20-20 vision.

A week after that there was another meeting where someone put up a powerpoint presentation on a screen. This time I wasn't sitting in the back but everything was still out of focus and I couldn't read what was on the screen.

So a week ago I went to the opthamologist to get my eyes checked. After 5 minutes of trying to read letters from a wall, the verdict came out. My right eye was out by -1.00 and my left by -1.25. It's not a lot, but still it's bothering me when I have to read presentations from a wall at a distance.

I went to an optician afterwards and chose some fcuk vision spectacles. After 30 years without glasses, my eyes finally couldn't tolerate all the bad things I do to it (reading in dim light, having two computer screens with different resolutions next to each other, not eating enough carrots, etc). Now like the rest of my family, I wear glasses.

I'm also going to try contact lenses, maybe they suit me better...


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