Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Last weekend, me and my girlfriend went to Brighton to celebrate her birthday. We left Friday morning (er, more like Friday mid-day because of Easyjet delay), got to Gatwick, grabbed a car and drove down. Surprisingly, it's quite near to Gatwick (only half an hour drive).

Anyway, Brighton (officially Brighton & Hove) is a nice place by the sea. Unfortunately Friday and Saturday's weather wasn't that great but on Sunday it was lovely. And like any other tourist coming to Brighton, we hit the pier almost as soon as we got there.

I really like the pier. The silly slot machines, the little machines where you put in coins to move more coins and lots of video games. The coin machine in particular is highly addictive. Then the silly games you can play: tin can throwing, rubber ring throwing, dolphin derby, etc etc. On Sunday I managed to get on the little roller coaster and it was fab. It has actually been quite a long time since I have been on a roller coaster.

But there are more things to do in Brighton than just the pier. Shopping in and around Churchill Square. Wander around the Lanes. Have Fish and Chips (there's a chippie around almost every corner). Enjoying the scenery (which we did on Sunday by driving around the Downs).

On top, all the people there are very nice. It's definitely a must when you're in England.

Oh, and while we were in Brighton, we had drinks and were sitting on the same couch as Kelly Jones (he from Stereophonics). Shamefully, the only interaction we had with him was "can we sit on this free bit here?".


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