Monday, May 05, 2008


last wednesday i had a football game. after about 5 minutes the ball came into the penalty box. i quickly ran towards it, but there were two defenders between me and the ball. with quick thinking i put myself next to one defender and wanted to draw a foul, which will result in a penalty. as i was falling down, my left arm was caught by the second defender and i fell on my shoulder. straight away i felt that something was wrong, but didn't know what. i ran my finger through my collarbone and then i realised, i've broken it.

i got up, walked off the pitch, called my girlfriend, and went to the hospital. 4 hours later i got out with a figure 8 sling, some anti-inflammatory pills, some painkillers and some morphine.

i'm still wearing the figure 8 sling, but the pain has reduced a lot.

now just hoping that my bone will heal in time for my dj-ing gig on the weekend!

upside of this is that it's lovely weather and i don't have to sit in the office.
downside is that i'm typing with one hand only.


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