Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Update on the collarbone

It's been almost 2 weeks since I've broken my collarbone. Right now, I can move my left arm pretty well although I cannot keep it straight yet - so driving a car is still out of the question. I can't lift heavy stuff (with neither left or right arm), can't throw a frisbee yet (I've tried), but I can do other normal stuff. And I still have to wear a brace.

I'm seeing an orthopedic surgeon soon, as my collarbone is sticking out quite a bit. It might need surgery, but I hope I don't have to and that it'll heal soon.

Even with a broken collarbone I managed to get a great party starting at Talampaya last weekend. As usual, Saturday was my DJ-ing set. It was a bit tough getting the crowd going but a couple of big beats always does the trick. Then it went into a haze of mixed-up songs. At one point I played Enter Sandman and this metal dude came out of nowhere and started headbanging and then asked me for Ace of Spades.

Today it's the first day back in work after 12 days off. Man it feels weird.


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