Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Euro 2008 preview

In three more days Euro2008 will start. It will be played right here in my backyard (Switzerland) and the neighboring Austria. And I am excited about it. Probably as excited as the 10,000 Portuguese fans who welcomed the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo and his bag of hair gel at the Geneva airport last Sunday. Well, minus the car and the honking.

So here's a bit preview (might be a bit subjective though):

First game: won't be one to remember
First person to be send off: A Turkish guy after bumping into Ronaldo, and Ronaldo then falling over as if hit by a 100-kilo brick.
Most likely fight: When Switzerland meets Turkey, both on the pitch and off it.
Worst team: Austria, they're so bad the nation is embarassed by them
Flop of the tournament: Either France or Italy
First coach to get the sack: The Austrian guy probably, but it won't be his fault
Hooligans: Portugal vs Turkey
Top scorer: Mario Gomez from Germany (he'll score 4 against Austria and then 1 more in another game)
Winner: Netherlands (of course)

I'll put on update with the atmosphere from here...


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