Monday, June 09, 2008

Euro2008 Day 1 and 2

So the Euro2008 has started and 4 games have been played so far: Switzerland vs Czech Republic (0-1); Portugal vs Turkey (2-0); Austria vs Croatia (0-1); and Germany vs Poland (0-2).

So far, here are my observations:
  • The first two goals of the tournament were miskicks. The Czech guy and Pepe both mishitting the ball but it still went in.
  • Austria didn't play as bad as everyone expected. Either that or Croatia was thinking they bagged it easily (as everyone and their dogs think they would). It made for a great game.
  • Portugal and Germany are contenders.
  • Germany finally won a game in the Euros since 1996.
  • A Polish guy scored two goals for Germany against Poland.
  • Alex Frei is useless, he's a bad version of Pippo Inzaghi. Now that he is injured it might actually be a blessing for the Swiss. Now all Kuhn needs to do is take Streller off the pitch as well.
  • The Czechs are old. They won't go far.
  • Holland will still win it.
Oh, btw, Stereophonics and Manics at Caribana were great. Big fun even though it was a bit muddy.


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