Monday, June 23, 2008

Euro2008 so far

After my last post, this one is really hard to write. Because last Friday, Holland lost 1-3 to Russia. I have boasted that the Dutch will win it this time, but they were humbled by the Russians. Guus Hiddink, the Dutch Russian coach, knew exactly where the Dutch weaknesses were and he made his team pound on it over and over again. Even with Edwin van der Sar in goal, the Dutch just couldn't hold and in extra-time they caved in.

It was a great match and the Russians deserved the victory. Shame really.

Anyway, here are more of my insights on the Euro2008 so far:
  • France was a pathetic team coached by a pathetic man. Abidal in center back?? Replacing an attacker when in need of goals?? Glad they went out with a bang.
  • The Romanians needed a win against the Dutch but played as if they didn't need any goals. Weird.
  • Greece winning in 2004 was a fluke. It was proven in 2008.
  • Turkey are winning German style, but the Germans still do it better (see their 3-2 win against Portugal).
  • Austria played better than anybody thought (either that or the Germans and the Croats suck ass during the group stage).
  • Non-Portuguese people in Switzerland can now sleep well.
  • UEFA is overcharging on the beer inside the Fan Zones.
  • Guus Hiddink is a master tactician. Holland 1998, South Korea 2002, Australia 2006, now Russia. After Euro, Hiddink will leave Russia and be replaced by Dick Advocaat who will make a mess off the legacy that Hiddink has left.
Three more games left. That's it, three more games and it's over.


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