Tuesday, July 15, 2008

iPhone 3G

Last Friday, the gadget that I've been waiting for finally came out in Switzerland. It's the iPhone and it was the 3G version they came out with here.

Unfortunately, it wasn't just me waiting for this gadget.

Shops were open from 06.30 am last Friday to accommodate the demand. I'd rather sleep more. I passed by a shop around 09.30 and picked up a ticket for the queue. The ticket said 121, while the board said 33. That means there were at least 88 people queuing up. I thought "fuck this" and left the shop. (In hindsight, I've should've kept my ticket and returned after lunch - it would have probably been my turn).

On Friday night I had drinks with the boys and a friend also failed miserably in his quest of getting an iPhone 3G. He queued up at several shops and didn't get anywhere. He also heard that on Tuesday the shops are re-stocking on the iPhone.

Saturday and Monday passed (on Sundays shops are closed here). I didn't even bother. But today at lunchtime I was on a mission.

Unfortunately I was waaaay too late and all the shops (around 10) that I've went to all sold out.

The quest continues...


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