Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Paleo 2008, Tuesday

Yesterday it started, the annual festival called Paleo.

At first I wasn't going, but then my girlfriend's mom managed to get a week ticket, so I used it for Tuesday because I wanted to see The Wombats. Unfortunately they pulled out last minute and were replaced by Young Knives.

I didn't get there on time anyway to see Young Knives.

When I got there The Hives were playing on the main stage. Weird seeing such an energetic band playing at 19.00 when the sun is still out. Howlin Pelle said it best himself, that the peak of the festival was right there at the beginning. It's quite funny seeing The Hives. About 6 years ago I once went to a party dressed up as a Hive (black trousers, black shirt, white tie). In 6 years time The Hives haven't evolved much and still are a Swedish garage punk rock band playing Hate To Say I Told You So. Anyway...

A couple of beers later, I was still looking for my friends. Couldn't find them at the usual hang-out place so watched Cali just to keep me amused. More beers and while watching Pete and The Pirates my mate rung me up and we started a small journey around Paleo, with lots of beers, a bottle of white wine, more beers, that began around the Bacardi Tent, via the Main Stage while Ben Harper was playing, through backstage and then the camping area. I honestly never realised how big the campsite of Paleo is.

Tonight: Mika.


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