Monday, July 28, 2008

Paleo, Sunday

I did went to Paleo on Wednesday, but didn't stay long. We even missed Mika as he was on very late.

Yesterday I went again, to have some fun. I was quite tired actually as the night before there was a wedding and I only went to bed at around 03.00. Doesn't sound late for a Saturday night, but I'm getting old.

Anyway, got to Paleo, watched an old Brazilian chap for a couple of minutes, then queued for a "sandwich magret du canard" (good stuff, believe me). A couple of beers, then a malakoff. More beers, then a satay as I tried to enter Chapiteau to watch Yael Naim but it was too crowded. Hung around a bit then went to see R.E.M.

I was there 5 years ago when R.E.M. closed Paleo. Last time they were a bit somber but this time around they were rockin'. No sad songs, no stuff from Up, and Michael Stipe was up for it. Peter Buck was actually smiling and looked like he was enjoying it. It was a greatest hits set, but it was a fine performance to finish off another Paleo.

Who will they bring in next year? I'm still hoping for Foo Fighters.


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