Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stan Da Man

About two months ago my girlfriend found out about the local dog refuge, where they keep all the stray and abandoned dogs. We went there a couple of times and thought about adopting a dog, and mostly we came there to walk a dog. It's quite nice, you can come in the afternoons and pick a dog and walk around the countryside. It's pretty relaxing.

After a while, my girlfriend found out about a dog called Stanley, who was left there by his previous owner. It is a 6 year old American Cocker and quite a small and cute dog. We walked him a couple of times and then decided to adopt him as he can live perfectly in an appartment (he doesn't need a big garden).

It took a while before we got him as he has some skin disease which needed looking after by the vet, but last Saturday we finally got him.

He's a kick-ass dog. He can walk off the lead, he lives perfectly in an appartment, he is very well housetrained, doesn't bark a lot. In general, the perfect dog to have. It's very nice to have a dog and I'm enjoying it very much.

All he does is eat and sleep, and even in his deepest sleep he will wake up and follow anybody who goes into the kitchen with the hope of getting more food.

Ages ago I would have said no to having a dog, but now I'm loving it. People do change.


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