Tuesday, September 23, 2008


If there is something I can watch on telly all day long, it's not football, nor is it CSI: Miami. It's anything related to cooking.

I love Hell's Kitchen USA, where Gordon Ramsay curses those poor wannabe chefs fighting for a chance to make it big time. He absolutely tears into them, it's a surprise none of the wannabe chefs have slapped him in retaliation or even said "FUCK YOU!" back at him.

I've also been watching Masterchef on BBC. Just watching how those people cook and present their dishes, and how it should taste is really drawing me in.

Some other stupid cooking shows like Ready Steady Cook, Great British Menu, Saturday Morning Kitchen, Nigella, even shows with Jamie Oliver and/or Ainsley Harriott in it, I'll watch them. If I'm not working and there is something with cooking on the telly, I'll watch it.

Watching all these cooking shows have influenced my cooking. I used to be a "put-it-all-in-the-pan" kind of cook, but now I make sure that everything is seasoned and cooked properly. Last weekend we had a dinner party with friends and I made some fish that was presented in a manner that would have made that Masterchef critic proud.

Maybe I should sign up for the next Hell's Kitchen...


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