Friday, September 05, 2008

Music and personality

I stumbled upon this news item on the beeb today:

A study shows that musical tastes and personality types are closely linked. So by knowing what music tastes someone has, you can tell the personality of that person.

So here I am, and I like pop and rock. Pure unadulterated pop best mixed with some crunching guitars, although now and then I listen to some indie, some soul, some rap/hip-hop, some blues. But my main musical taste is pop-rock.

The study says this about people who like chart pop: "High self-esteem, not creative, hardworking, outgoing, gentle, not at ease" and this about people who like rock/heavy metal: "Low self-esteem, creative, not hard-working, not outgoing, gentle, at ease".

Now I am confused. Do I have high self-esteem or low self-esteem? Am I creative or not? Am I hard-working or not? Am I outgoing or not? Am I at ease or not? The common personalities between those two musical tastes is "gentle" and "at ease". So I can say that I am truly "gentle" and "at ease". But for the rest, this study has not shown what my personality is.

Maybe I should listen to more blues.


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