Thursday, October 30, 2008


Last week I was hospitalised for 2 days. It wasn't much, just a small operation to correct a deviated septum and to cut my uvala. Google it.

In hospital I didn't do much, just slept for most of the time, if not played with my iPhone. There's not much else to do and the body was recovering from being under general anaesthetic. Funnily enough, lots of people were concerned when they heard that I was going under GA. For me it doesn't matter. I fall a sleep, I wake up, and that's it.

My throat is still hurting now but I'm getting used to it. It'll probably be numb after this weekend (as it will be a special weekend involving copious amounts of alcohol).

So this week I'm not working. That is, not in the office. At home I still have my laptop on and I still have to do some stuff but at least I can nap whenever I feel like it.

If you've been following my facebook updates, this post should explain the weird statuses I had a week ago.


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