Monday, January 19, 2009

It was so tacky...

Saturday evening we all went out to celebrate my best mate's birthday. He wanted to do something fun, so he made reservations at this bowling alley where they also serve pizza by the meter (yes, pizza by the meter!).

The bowling alley is a bit worse for wear. Imagine a bowling alley in the 80s and that's about it (albeit with an electronic score board - I don't think they existed in the 80s yet). There are pinball machines, video games (Time Crisis II for Christ sake!), a pool table and an air hockey table. However, it was quite packed with people wanting to have some fun (such as doing Tequila shots while bowling).

Anyway, we started out with the meal first. As we were 17 of us, a meter of pizza is never going to be enough, so we had to wait another 20 minutes for another meter. In the end we ate 3 meters, but if they were any quicker I reckon we could have eaten about 5 meters. But the best bit was when suddenly there was live music playing. And when I say live music it is not a band, but one guy with a couple of keyboards and a drum machine, singing hit songs. At first he sang Italian songs, then French, and then we heard the intro of Tina Turner's Simply The Best. At this point we all had consumed a fair amount of alcohol, so when the refrain kicked in, we all shouted "You're simply the best!". This song was followed up by Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall and then Survivor's Eye Of The Tiger.

We bowled afterwards for 2 games. I didn't do that bad considering I haven't bowled in ages. 150 and 143 (in the second game I only had 3 pins in the first 2 frames as I was experimenting with a throw).

Evenings like that are always fun.


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