Thursday, March 12, 2009

The motor show in 5 minutes

Every year Geneva hosts the motor show. A big occasion for car manufacturers to show their latest products, their ideas, and their wealth. And every year since 2001 I have been there with a press pass, together with my cousin.

However, my cousin has since moved to the other side of the world to open a pancake place, so I am left by myself. I've asked friends but nobody was available and unfortunately I was ill the day before the press day so I didn't feel too great.

So I decided to pass by the motor show quickly, basically to give my & my cousin's press pass in so that we will still be invited in the future years.

Normally I would go all out, eat and drink until I'm full and drunk, while watching the ladies who stand next to some dull objects - usually some weird-ass car designed for the year 2187. But this time I only stayed 20 minutes - with 15 minutes being spent on the phone to my cousin (courtesy of Volkswagen). And the remaining 5 minutes I quickly pottered around to see what I can see. And here are my observations:
  • The credit crunch has impacted the car industry. There are less food and drink readily available. And by Fiat and Alfa Romeo, all the hot chicks that are usually there are gone. They can no longer afford proper models!
  • The new VW Polo looks a bit like a BMW 1-serie.
  • Mercedes came out with the new B-class. Who the hell buys B-classes anyways?
  • I couldn't find a flyer for the Mini After-work party. Hope it wasn't scrapped.
  • The Seat bags looks cool this year - I didn't get one though.
  • No food at Nissan! At least it didn't look like there was.
  • General Motors still had a stand with cars on it amidts rumours of GM going bankrupt.
  • Neither Hyundai or KIA looked like they were giving out footballs. I want a football! (every year I manage to miss it).
  • I didn't see any PS3 games that you can play from inside a car. Hmmm...
After that I gave up. I got home and became sick again.

Next year it will be the 80th motor show. So next year I will definitely eat a lot and drink until drunk.


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