Wednesday, April 01, 2009


After signing a contract back in 2007, last Friday we finally got the keys to our own brandnew appartment out in the countryside. Which meant that last weekend I was occupied with moving.

Normally moving 30 km isn't that much of a big deal, but here it surely is. Not to mention all the things that went wrong during the move as well. Movers came late, cleaning company didn't clean as they were supposed to, tax authorities being a pain in the ass, de-registering and registering, building a new IKEA wardrobe (201 cm tall and 250 cm wide) all by myself, unpacking boxes, telephone company messed up on activation date, etc etc etc.

I am still physically tired and there are still lots to do before it becomes free of "temporary solutions". Even though it is only 30 km away it really feels like I'm moving countries. Hell, moving from Indonesia to Switzerland was easier compared to this move.

However, now we live in a small village in the countryside and we are loving it...


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