Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Every morning the missus usually puts the radio on. And now that I have to commute to work, when I use the car I end up listening to the morning radio as well. There aren't many radio stations we listen to - it's either World Radio Switzerland or Virgin Radio. Other radio stations are just not good.

But I have been annoyed at WRS for quite some time now. They are the only English radio in the neighborhood, but it's not good. Every half hour I get to hear the same news items over and over again, the music is crap (jumps from the latest hit to the cheesiest song from 1984 without a hint of professional programming). And now in the morning, when I'm in the middle of a traffic jam, instead of having cheery music they have talk shows talking about serious health matters or something similarly boring. It's just crap.

On top, in Mark Butcher they have the shittiest radio host ever. He is just shit (I hope he reads this. If you do, Mark you are rubbish!). Then there is a woman who thinks she is the coolest in town and knows everything about music - when in fact I know more. So yeah, I can't stand that radio station really.

On Virgin Radio, the music is much much better. But the ads are very long and in french. And in the morning they have the two most annoying characters on radio (Bruno & Camille - or something like that). They speak in an annoying french, and even though I understand it perfectly it still annoys the hell out of me. When they have English speaking guests they then translate everything in French and when these two clowns speak in English it is with a heavy-almost-fake French accent.

Fortunately, now I have installed my Sonos sound system and I can listen to internet radio. Now we listen to Capital FM (London) in the morning. Much much better. I wish I can listen to that in my car as well.


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