Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Paleo 2009, Day 1

Yesterday the Paleo Food (and music) Festival started. It was burning hot and the mood was festive. I was introducing Paleo to a friend, who despite living in the area for 11 years only made it there for the first time ever yesterday. He thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Gossip - Beth Ditto has amazing lungs and is an entertainer. The drummer looks like a hardcore lesbian, and the bass player (a session musician for the tour) must be the uncoolest person ever to perform on the Grande Scene. He dressed in normal jeans and a white t-shirt, with uncool shades.

Kaiser Chiefs - proper festival band. Nick Hodgson, the drummer, is indeed a frustrated frontman stuck behind the drums. And Ricky is good at getting people to do singalongs. It helps having songs like Ruby.

Placebo - just heard them in the background.

White Lies - they look like your average bored neighborhood teenagers but they have such a deep sound and sing songs about death. Pretty good.

Food & beverage:
Started off with some satays, then a sandwich au magret et foie gras, topped it off with spring rolls. Beer, rose, beer, rose, vodka orange, beer, beer, beer.


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