Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paleo 2009: the other days, questions and conclusions

Day 5 I didn't go. It was cold and only Cold War Kids interested me but they were on late. Day 6, the last day, I didn't go either. Full of french artist. I watched the fireworks from a pretty place close to my place instead.

And that was the end of Paleo 2009.

I do have some questions about Paleo in general that will probably be unanswered forever.
  • Why do people still eat Kebabs at Paleo? There are about 50 food stands, at least half of them serve delicious food, some of them quite cheap and yet I see people eating disgusting Kebabs. You eat a Kebab when you are in Geneva at 2 am because everything else is shut but you don't eat one at a Food Festival!
  • Why do concertgoers barge in to get to the front way too late? You want to be up front, come earlier.
  • And vice versa, if you don't want to be up front, then don't go there.
  • Why do people use earbuds watching concerts? That never makes sense to me.
  • A stand sells Red Bull. The same stand sells Vodka Orange. Yet they cannot sell me a Vodka Red Bull?
  • Why can't concertgoers clap in time to the song that is being performed? The clapping always speeds up. It ruins the song.
My conclusions from Paleo 2009:
  • Best concert: Kaiser Chiefs
  • Surprise concert: Rodrigo Y Gabrielle
  • Surprise he made it: Peter Doherty
  • Best food above CHF 10: Brochette XXL
  • Best food below CHF 10: Malakoff
  • Worst bit: iPhone + Orange not working
See you next year!


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