Friday, September 25, 2009

Some (random) thoughts

Just a couple of things I've learned/noted/need to jot down

  • When renting a car in Germany, pay a bit extra to get a more powerful car. I rented a cheap Opel Corsa and had to pay the price on the Autobahn. The car is barely able to do 150 kph convincingly and then it was being overtaken by almost every other car on the Autobahn.
  • Muse's The Resistance: OTT camp prog-rock/pop. Absolutely fabulous! We vs They lyrics? Check. Weird sounds? Check. Timbaland beats? Check. Three-part symphony? Check.
  • Spotify is great! I still buy CDs but before I buy them I can listen to them. Before Spotify I would have definitely bought the Monsters Of Folk CD. Now having listened to it on Spotify I don't need to, because that album I'll probably listen to twice or three times. And having it on my iPhone? Genius!
  • I'm still in withdrawal mode after finishing The Wire. Don't know what to watch now.
There are some other things on my mind. Hopefully I can put them on my blog when I have the willpower to do so.


At 14:31, Blogger The way it is according to moi said...

Hi There,

if you have 2 seconds would you mind sending me an invite to spotify.



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