Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow on the road

It snowed last night and evrything is white. Yippee!

Unfortunately with snow comes the big 4x4s driven by soccermums. Yes, those mums who drive their big-ass cars without knowing how to drive properly and it drives me mad!

This morning I was driving the missus' car (a Mini) on a road with a bit of snow on it. In front of me: an Audi Q7. Its speed: 30 kph. Seriously.

Now the soccermum (yes it was a soccermum) in it probably thinks "there is snow, must drive carefully" but what she ought to know is that her car is big, it has snowtires and four-wheel drive. It can do bloody more than 30 kph on a road with some snowflakes on them!

No wonder people get road rage from driving behind these spackers!


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