Monday, July 12, 2010

Howard Webb

After last night's final, I am still pissed off. Holland was in the final against Spain and it should have been a great game.

Before I go on, let me clarify these points first:
1. I am a big Holland supporter - having been born and raised there.
2. Spain deservedly won the match, they were the better team.
3. Holland can only blame Robben for not scoring.

However, I am still mightily pissed off at Howar Webb, the English referee. He brandished 15 yellow cards during the game and he never ever had the game under control. Yes, Nigel de Jong should have been sent off. But he didn't because it's the final and if you don't send him off for that challenge (intentional or not), well that just sets the tone. Webb then overcompensates by handing out yellows way to easy for the Dutch and not so much for the Spanish.

Howard Webb was the one who refereed the Spain Switzerland match and after the game the whole of Spain was furious at him. On top of that, all of the English media have been brandishing the Dutch football as thuggish and Mark van Bommel became the most hated man in football (outside of Holland of course). I'm sure those things influenced his decision making during the final, resulting in a poorer final than it could have been.

Basically he should be consistent. Do it according to the rules. You kick somebody in the chest with studs up - RED. You wave your hands asking for a car - YELLOW. The last man tries to stop an attacker with his arms - red. A shot deflected off a defender - corner.

I'm alright now with Holland losing. But I'm still pissed off at Howard Webb.


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