Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 review

So the year 2010 is ending tomorrow. Here some of my high/lowlights of the year.

Best album: The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. When these guys make music it's as if they make magic. Kanye's is close but I haven't heard i enough.

Best movie that I watched: I didn't watch a lot but I like The American (even though my missus hated it). There was something about that movie that make me think a lot after I came out.

Best book I've read: Eating the Dinosaur by Chuck Klosterman. If he was writing when I was still in uni my professional life would have been so different. The guy is a genius!

Best football game: Barcelona - Real Madrid 5 - 0. You know which one. In 50 years they will still be talking about that fooball game.

Best iPhone/iPad game: Angry Birds. I'm still hooked even though I finished all levels.

Best gadget: Having Spotify on Sonos. No need to buy CDs anymore, I can listen to whatever I want.

Best song: Fuck You - CeeLo Green. The hook, the sound, the words, the uplifting mood. A perfect pop song.

Best reunion: Take That with Robbie. Yes I like them, so what?

Best purchase I made: Dr Dre Beat headphones. I might look like a fool wearing them but the sound quality is amazing.

Trending it before it's a trend: five-fingered shoes.

Best concert: Vampire Weekend at Montreux Jazz Festival. They were awesome and very polite.

Buzzword: Bunga-Bunga. How Berlusconi is still a prime minister, not even the Italians know...


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