Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The quest for an Iphone continues

Yes, I know, I'm way behind. Everybody else has one already and I'm still looking for an iPhone. Last time I wasn't so successful so I tried again.

About 10 days ago I went to an Orange shop to inquire about the iPhone. They had some in stock and I was ready to pay the penalty on my current subscriber just so that I can get hold of an iPhone. Unfortunately at the time I didn't have my original resident permit with me, but the guy put it aside for me.

Yesterday I came back to the shop with my original resident permit. The guy still had my iPhone, he then started working on preparing the contract. At one point he passed my details on to the credit control department where suddenly he said to me that there will be a limit of CHF 300 per month. To be honest, with my consumption and with the subscription package that I chose I would probably not go over CHF 300 per month anyways but I still wanted to know why this limit was imposed on me. The guy understood my question and then passed me on to the credit control department.

The conversation went something like this:

Credit control (CC): "Sir, you will have a limit of CHF 300 per month."
Me: "Why?"
CC: "We have put your data in the system and it came out with this limit. You will have it for 3 months and if you pay all your invoices correctly during the 3 months we will do an assessment again."
Me: "Why CHF 300 per month? What precisely of my data is making you come up with the CHF 300 limit."
CC: "It's from the system, I can't tell you why. If not, you can put a deposit of CHF 500 and then you won't have a limit."
Me: "But that's not answering my question. I want to know why I am imposed this CHF 300 limit? What is it exactly? I never defaulted on any payments before, I earn more than enough to pay you CHF 300 per month, so why the limit?"
CC (getting annoyed): "Sir, I'm offering you a contract and you can either accept it or not."
Me (also getting annoyed): "I just want to know why there is a limit before I can accept your offer."
CC: "I cannot tell you sir why there is this limit".
Me: "Why not? Why can you not tell me?"
CC: "I cannot tell you, it's from our system."
Me (about to lose it): "Well, your system sucks. You just lost a client."

I hung up and then huffed out of the shop while the poor sales guy said sorry to me. He must be cursing inside as he just lost his commission on a new subscriber.

I just wanted to know why there is a limit. Is it because I'm not Swiss? Is it because I'm from a third-world country? Is it because my resident permit expires in 2010? Is it because I is black?

Oh well, and there I thought Orange has excellent customer service. It's fucked up with the phone providers here. One is owned by the state and doesn't care about customers. One says they care about customers but then do something like that (yes, that's you Orange). And the other one (which I'm currently on) does not have the iPhone.

And I still don't have an iPhone.


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