Friday, August 28, 2009

Spotify on iPhone

I've been using Spotify premium for about 3 months now and I love it. I can listen to almost anything I want wherever I am as long as I have a computer near me. Now it will get even better as Spotify have announced that Apple have approved their iPhone app. With this app I can listen to anything on my iPhone via Wi-Fi and 3G and I can even save playlists to listen to them offline.

The premium subscription is probably the best thing in the world. For 10 Euros a month I can listen to almost anything. Therefore my CD buying habit is taking a BIG hit. Where before I used to buy a CD or two a week, now I'm on one CD per month. Everything else I just listen to on Spotify, especially as I did have a habit of buying CDs which I only have listened to less than three times.

The only problem is that for the moment the Spotify app is only available in the UK, France, Sweden, Spain, Norway and Finland. Hopefully it will be available where I live soon because I need it. Yes, I need it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Wire - the best TV show ever

I've been reading on the internet for a while about The Wire being the best television show ever. In March during a visit to the UK I decided to buy the first season DVD. I could have gone for the whole boxset for Season 1-5 as there are only 5 seasons, but wasn't sure if I will actually like it.

I put on the first episode and the show was a bit slow. There was a lot of swearing going-on but slowly it caught me. What caught me first was how in the show it wasn't simply good guy vs bad guy. No, in The Wire almost everybody and everything is gray. Sure there is the main cop McNulty but he's not the Horatio Caine straight ass cop who can solve everything and anything with just taking off some sunglasses. And in D'Angelo Barksdale (the first of many drug dealers in this series) it wasn't the usual drug dealer.

The story goes out nicely and before I knew it I was hooked. Each episode is about 55 minutes long and last weekend I managed to watch 10 episodes! I'm almost done with season 4 and I have season 5 ready. I should have bought the boxset.

The Wire is not about good vs bad, it's not a cop vs drugs series, it's more than that. It shows all the politicking - in the police, drugs, city hall, schools, even the corners. It shows characters that are supposed to be good but with big flaws and vice versa. It shows the intricacy of a big city (Baltimore) and how everyone is tangled up in it. And it's amazing the number of characters you have to keep up with as there are tons.

Whereas with Lost, Prison Break, Heroes and the likes I watched the next episode to know what is going on next or to understand what has happened before (until my interest runs out), with The Wire I watch the next episode knowing well what is going to happen but wanting to see how it is going to happen. And that makes for great viewing.

Definitely the best television show ever.