Thursday, April 26, 2007


Youtube must be one of the great website on the net. You can spend hours and hours just looking at obscure videoclips, or in my case sport clips. And on the Guardian football site, they have a weekly round-up of the best youtube sport clips.

So that is one way of spending all your time at work.

However, the IT chaps here figured it out and have restricted access to youtube. I can't see any videos from youtube! How will I last the day at work?? At home I don't spend much time on my PC (might change once I get my spanking new Apple MacBook) so I'm missing out on all the fab sport clips. And I cannot find a way around the company's firewall.


On another note, it's the first day in April where it's cloudy outside. Yep, after 25 consecutive sunny days with blue skies, today is the first time it's cloudy.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Got my tickets part 2

And now I have tickets for Beastie Boys at Montreux!!! I wonder how long it takes before that particular concert gets sold out. Somehow I managed to buy them online just before the site crashed...

Oh, will also see Paolo Nutini there.

Not bad this summer, it is going to be a memorable one!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Got my tickets

Tickets for Paleo just went out today. I got mine already for Tuesday and Wednesday.

I'm going to see Arctic Monkeys (woooohooooo!!!!), Arcade Fire (woooohoooo!!!), Muse (seen them twice before, still a great live act), Bjork (curious how she is going to be), Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah (could be fun), !!! (!!! indeed), and some other bands in between me drinking and me eating.

Tomorrow the program for Montreux will come out and word is that Beastie Boys will perform. The Beastie Boys!!!

I already have tickets to see Macy Gray at Caribana. I know she sort of disappeared but it'll be fun being at Caribana.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Luxembourg, Easter

My work these days involves a lot of contact with people in Luxembourg. So it is no wonder that I had to go there last week for work. Yes, Luxembourg.

It's actually a nice place, Luxembourg. It's set in some hills and forests and the town (or village?) has a very medieval but yet modern feeling to it. On Wednesday I had a chance to explore a bit, mainly because I was hungry and was looking for a pub that showed Champions League football. I walked from Place D'Armes in the center towards Montees de Clausen. There I walked downwards and you can see the old city in the valley on both your left and right side. Pretty amazing views. I stopped at a pub called The Tube and had a pint of lager. Unfortunately they didn't had any food, so after I downed my lager I headed downwards. There I found another pub, called Britannia Pub. They had microwaved cheeseburgers so that'll do. Plus beer, a couple of televisions and a crowd of Man Utd and Chelsea fans. I was happy watching the game there and drinking a bit. After that I walked along Rue Neudorf back to my hotel.

It's a nice place but don't expect much of it.

As for the Easter break, I didn't do much. Pretty much stayed here but it turned out to be a very nice Easter break. All my friends were here as well, the weather was absolutely amazing and there were lots of things that were done. Hope you all enjoyed your Easter break as much as I did.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Hey Mr. DeeJay!

Friday night my girlfriend's brother called me up telling me that the DJ he hired for Saturday night's event he organized has backed out. Then he asked me whether I can fill in, playing "rock" music.

Being a hobbyist DJ, I couldn't really say no. It would look good on my CV: DJ at ultimate frisbee parties full of drunken players, wedding DJ, and now underground rock club DJ.

I packed my CDs and iPods (yes, I know, I know) and went to the club. It was a bit quiet when I got there. The program was 2 bands playing, while I DJed before, in between, and after. At around 21.30 I started my set with The Kooks. The first band played from 10 to 11 (a bunch of kids sounding like Dire Straits less Mark Knopfler's voice). After that my turn again for 20 minutes. Then the second band, which was a great band. Then me again, but only easy songs as they were shutting up shop.

There were about 30 people there and most of the time I was DJing with my iPods as the power cable for the CD player only came after 10.

Oh well, I got paid, got free drinks and had fun.