Monday, June 28, 2004

Czech Republic

A friend of mine, who apparantly is an avid reader of this blog, complained that lately I write too much about football and almost nothing about 'my evil adventures' (her words, not mine). Well, the thing is that for the past 20 days and for the next week I only have one thing in my mind. Euro2004. Especially since Holland is still in it and now officially have a 25% chance of winning it. So if you are indeed interested in 'my evil adventures' just wait after the 4th of July. That's only a week from now.

Anyway, the Czech Republic showed us why they are favourites, trashing Denmark easily 3-0. I had some money on 3-1 so for the final 20 minutes I was fretting, hoping that the Danes somehow score a fluke goal. Unfortunately I was not intended for the 100 Euros from the bookie.

Amazingly, during the game the Czechs had about 40% of the ball. That's close to how much the English had against Portugal. While the English were thoroughly outclassed, the Czech showed how to use the ball effectively. It also helps having Gronkjaer doing the Gronkjaers in the Danish side.

After 16 days of constant football everyday, there will be 2 days without football. Aaarrrggghhh, what to do what to do!

Sunday, June 27, 2004


Euro 92, Holland vs Denmark, van Basten.
Euro 96, Holland vs France, Seedorf and someone else.
World Cup 98, Holland vs Brazil, Cocu and R de Boer.
Euro 2000, Holland vs Italy, F de Boer, Stam, Bosvelt.

A list of Holland going out on penalties and the ones who missed them. Holland has probably the worst record with penalties in big tournaments. Even worse than the English apprantly. So come quarterfinals, the last thing the Dutch want to do is go all the way to penalties.

The game wasn't really exciting as the pace was low. Holland created some opportunities but failed to create a goal. Likewise with Sweden, although overall the Dutch were just a little better than the Swedes.

So into extra-time and then penalties. Among the 11 Dutch players on the field, only van Nistelrooy and Makaay are real penalty takers. Seedorf is a big no-no. Cocu and Stam missed previously. And van der Sar is not Ricardo. That leaves only 7 players left. And Advocaat has said that they haven't trained for penalties. Oh oh, I was already expecting the worse.

Kallstrom first. Goal but vdSar guessed right. Van Nistelrooy steps up. Goal, convincingly. Larsson. *boom* in the right upper corner. Then Johnny Heitinga. I was sure he's gonna take one and make it as he has a good shooting technique. True, and another goal for Holland. Ibrahimovic for the Swedes. And he shoots it high!! Reiziger then. Again, same thing as Heitinga as Isaksson guessed wrong again. Ljungberg up and hits the bar, the ball bounced against vdSar's back and it went in. How lucky! Then Cocu. He missed in 98 and now he misses again. The ball went against the post. It's all equal. Willhelmsson scores the next one, as does Makaay. So 4-4 after 5 penalties each. Up steps Ollof Mellberg. Van der Sar stands on his line and cheekily points to his right. Mellberg shoots to his right but vdSar has guessed right and saves!!! Advantage for Holland. Up comes Robben and he cooly slots it in. Holland are through to the semis.

I'm so relieved and happy!!! Partyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Au Revoir Les Blues!

'nuff said...

Friday, June 25, 2004

Beckham and Rooney

The first quarterfinal of Euro2004. Between hosts Portugal and England. The pub was full of both sides' fans and the atmosphere is just amazing. England took a quick lead when Owen profited from a Costinha header that went wrong. BoyWonderRooney was again running at it and Owen seemd to play much better. Then Rooney had to leave the pitch after 26 minutes because of a broken metatarsal bone. Sven put in Vassell and then the problem started. Vassell is just like Owen. Both can't hold the ball, they can only run at it or with it. Rooney can hold the ball. The other option is Heskey, but even Sven wouldn't put him in again. So Sven told his team to defend, Italian-style.

For 80 minutes England defended. The possession was about 65% for Portugal. First rule of football: to score a goal you need the ball. If you give your opponent the ball, they will go for goal. If you take the ball away and keep it, the opposition will not be able to score. Something that Sven needs to learn again or have it written with capital letters on the bench. Portugal kept on attacking, Big Phil even took out captain Figo and put in Postiga. Postiga duly scored and it was 1-1.

Extra time. Portugal kept going, while England was still backtracking. Rui Costa turned around Phil Neville and *boom*, 2-1. Lampard equalised after Terry set him up from a Becks corner. All tie, so the match goes to penalties. Beckham miss, ball flies high over. Goal, goal, goal, goal, Rui Costa miss, goal, goal, goal, goal, goal, goal, Darius Vassell steps up and Ricardo saves, Ricardo steps up and scores.

England out. Even though they had boywonderRooney, they also had Beckham. Some say that he belongs in that small group of outstanding players in the world, but what we have seen during Euro2004 is that he is average. As a captain he wasn't leading the players enough on the pitch. His crosses were a bit wayward. His free kicks nowhere and he missed two penalties in the tournament. He should show more will to fight - like his teammates - and this is one factor why England is coming home now. That and Sven insisting on playing Italian cattenacio style football. It didn't work against France, why should it work against Portugal?

Oh well. Spain, Italy, Germany, now England. Tonight France?

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Group D (D for Death)

With Czech Republic, Holland, and Germany this group has been dubbed the Group of Death. Three big names competing for two places in the quarterfinals. And with poor Latvia in there as well. After the first two games, the Czechs have qualified and the other three still have a chance to go through. For Holland to go through they need to win from Latvia while Germany has to win against Czech Rep.

Since the Czechs are through, they fielded the B side - as expected. So the Germans don't have to beat the likes of Nedved and Koller, now they are up against the likes of Plasil and Heinz.

I was watching both games, nervously. Holland took the lead and the Latvians seemed like a second rate team. My head sunk a bit when Ballack scored the goal for Germany. Van Nistelrooy scored a second one, but I was celebrating when Heinz scored that awesome free kick. 1-1 for ze Germans and Holland is through.

Then Baros came in and in the second half he ran half the field, with only two defenders chasing him, shot on goal, Kahn saved it but the ball bounced back to Baros and he scored the second Czech goal. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! And then Makaay gave the icing on the cake with a third goal. Holland are in and Deutschland is out!!!!

Holland made Latvia look like what they are, a small country from Eastern Europe. Germany didn't make any impression against Latvia and lost against Czech B. They deserve to go home. For now, Holland is through and barring any stupid subtitutions by Advocaat, they might have a shot at it.

"Schande Deutschland, alles ist vorbei!"

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Italy out!

So the last games of Group C. Sweden vs Denmark and Italy vs Bulgaria. If Italy wins and the other game does not end in a draw, Italy will go through with the winner of the other match. If Sweden draws against Denmark, then Italy has to win by 2 or more goals. Unless it ends 2-2 between Denmark and Sweden, then whatever score Italy wins by, they still go home.

Of course, Italians being Italians, before the game they were already screaming and accusing match fixing between the Scandinavian neighbours. An Italian journalist was caught in the Swedish hotel trying to send a fax to the Danish asking to play for a 2-2. The Italian FA wants 50 cameras to watch the game and make sure there is no match fixing. The Italians are doing anything possible to keep Sweden and Denmark from playing 2-2, except they forget that they have to beat Bulgaria first.

Both games started at the same time. Suprisingly, Denmark takes the initiative and by half-time they are up 1-0 from a Jon Dahl Tomasson lob. Italy meanwhile, are 1-0 down from a Martin Petrov penalty. If it stays like this then Italy will end up bottom of the table. What will they do with those 50 cameras then?

Second half. Sweden gets an equaliser. Italy now need two goals to get through. They pull back after Cassano's shot hits the bar and Perrota scrambles it in. The Danish are attacking like hell and Tomasson found the net again, Pippo Inzaghi style. 2-1. The Italians can still not find the net, even with Vieri, Cassano, Del Piero, and Di Vaio on the field. The Danes are looking for a 3rd goal and are getting closer and closer, while Italy are getting further away from the quarterfinals. Suddenly in the 90th minute Matias Jonson scores for Sweden and the dreaded 2-2 comes true. Just a minute later Cassano scores. He celebrates then somebody whispers in his ear that the other game is 2-2 and he his joy turns into tears.

Surely the Italians will scream conspiracy. They will do anything they can to prove that the other game was fixed. But any decent football fan watching the Sweden - Denmark game will know for sure that it wasn't a stitch up. It happened by accident. The Italians should blame themselves for going home. For having Vieri doing Emile Heskey. For having Totti doing something stupid. For the shoes and the socks. At least Cassano will still play a major tournament in the coming years.

Group A and B

The last games of Group A and B has been played. Portugal vs Spain was the big match in Group A. Portugal needed to win to go through while Spain can settle with a draw. It became an entertaining match with Nuno Gomes providing the only goal. Afterwards it was cars honking all the way til midnight around my place. In the other match, Greece realised that they are in a real tournament and duly lost against Russia 2-1. The Greek goal proved to be a fortune as it is that goal that took Greece to the quarterfinals.

In Group B, all the teams had a chance. England needed a draw against Croatia but conceded an early goal. Luckily England have boywonderRooney. He gave an assist to Scholes then scored two more goals. Lampard completed the 4-2 victory. And Swiss was hoping to surprise France. Johann Vonlanthen did score the equalizer but then Thierry Henry woke up (after 2 and a half games) and scored twice to seal France's berth against Greece in the quarterfinals.

What amazes me about Euro2004 so far is the coming of age of the youngsters. Wayne Rooney, 18, is carrying England on his shoulders, doing much better than the likes of Owen and Becks. He's the topscorer so far and is on his way to become the player of the tournament. Then there is Cristiano Ronaldo, 19. Not given a starting place in Portugal's first match, he now is a big part of the Portuguese squad. Figo? No, it's Ronaldo with his stepovers, dazzling runs, and crosses. Johann Vonlanthen, 18, scroed Swiss' only goal and took the record for the youngest goalscorer in the championship from Rooney. Against France. In his 3rd international cap, the first that he started and he only played 30 minutes or so in the previous 2 caps. Chapuisat can now safely go to the retirement home. Or Portsmouth. And Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 22, is doing great stuff for Sweden with the aid of Henrik Larsson next to him.

Other youngsters showing their class: Antonio Cassano, 21, proving to be the best Italian striker. Better than Vieri - which says a lot. Arjen Robben, 20, is now a hero in Netherlands after his performance against the Czechs especially when Advocaat replaced him. Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso, Joaquin, all of them dazzled for Spain as well. Bastian Schweinsteiger, 19, is so far the most exciting player in the not-exciting German squad and Rudi Voller now has no choice but to use him from the beginning of the match. Special mention for Rafael van der Vaart, 21, Wesley Sneijder, 19, and Johnny Heitinga, 20, in the Dutch squad. If only Advocaat has guts he would play these guys in every match.

The older players can now say goodbye. There is a whole generation of young players ready for action and giving us entertainment in Euro2004.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Again, that substition

I woke up today still feeling gutted because Holland lost against Czech Republic. I was (and am) still blaming it on that substition. In case you don't know, yesterday Holland played Czech Republic in Euro 2004. With 2-1 up, in the 60th minute Dick Advocaat, the Ducth coach, decided to take out Arjen Robben - who was having a magnificent night and was by far the best player on the pitch - and put in Paul Bosvelt. Apparantly Dick's reasoning was that Arjen hadn't played 90 minutes in 3 months and that the midfield was lacking people and he needed somebody to take care of Pavel Nedved.

Turns out I wasn't the only one mad at him. About 16 million other people were/are as well. I checked the forums on the nest and found one thing in common: nobody understood why the hell Dick made that substitution.

I agree with him about the Nedved bit. Nedved was having a superb game as well and putting one person on him might be useful. Here's the flaw though: Nedved is the European Player of the Year, a superstar in Juventus and comes up to any dream 11. Bosvelt, the guy who is supposed to take care of Nedved, is a 34 year old benchwarmer at Manchester City. That's like putting a Fiat Punto next to Michael Schumacher's Ferrari F2004 and telling the Punto to keep up with the F2004. And also, another golden rule in football: when you're team is still fighting for a result, never ever take out your star player.

Dick could've waited a bit. Robben was dangerous and the counters were giving Holland chances a go go. If he wanted to be defensive, he coulde've put in Sneijder, take out van der Meyde and tell Davids to take care of Nedved. But no, meneer Advocaat thought he was the smartest. Well he's not. Even his players don't understand him.

Anyway, I can go on ranting about that substitution for on and on and on. But here are some links to read yourself:
Advocaat faces flak over Robben substitution
Dutch players hammer Advocaat over substitution
Robben "flabbergasted" by substitution
Dutch fans burn flag in frustration after 3-2 defeat
Dutch fans buy plane ticket for Advocaat out of Portugal - so far the best!
And there are more if you can read in Dutch. Or Italian. Or German. Or French. Everywhere in the media Dick is the scapegoat. Deservedly so I might add...

Thank you Dick!

Saturday, June 19, 2004

HOLLAND 2 - Czech Republic 3

Poborsky not marking Bouma, leaving Bouma free to head in at the far post for the first goal. Davids giving an excellent through ball to Robben who then passed to vNistelrooy for an easy tap in. 2-0. Cocu makes a mistake and gives the ball to Baros, who was stopped by Stam but still managed to give the ball to Koller. 2-1. Ruud van Nistelrooy being held down with force in the box but the referee not giving anything. The referee was bad for both teams.

Half time.

Then Dick Advocaat made a change that truly shows he is (a) Dick. Robben out, Bosvelt in. In any case, NEVER take out the best player on the pitch. And even if it was to prevent injury, change it with someone who can give the same menace, not a defensive player. The Czechs took initiative and by the 88th minute Holland is down 2-3. Heitinga got a second yellow card for a foul which was nothing. Stupid referee. Now Holland's fate depends on Germany. Thank you Dick!!!

And then Dick goes on saying that the change was unfortunate, but the loss was because of missed chances. Had Robben been in there or another player who can run the defense mad (Overmars, van der Vaart, Zenden, Sneijder, van Hooijdonk, Makaay) then Holland would have more chances and maybe create something. Simple rule in football: the more you try the more chances you get to getting a goal. When you stop trying you won't get a goal.

At least Germany couldn't do anything against Latvia. 22 shots on goal and not one of them threathening enough.

Oh yeah, nice goal from Ibrahimovic to show Vieri how it's supposed to be done in the 1-1 draw between Sweden and Italy. And the Bulgarians going home courtesy of a 2-0 loss against Denmark

Thursday, June 17, 2004

England 3 - Switzerland 0

The swiss had chances but wasted them. Then Bernt Haas got his second yellow card and suddenly England can play football. Boy Wonder Rooney scored two goals and Stevie G added icing to the cake. All is not lost for the Swiss. All they have to do is beat France. The same France who beaten them 4-0 in a recent friendly.

Oh and I think England yesterday is the only team who fielded no 1 - 11 on the pitch. Other teams always have players with numbers outside the first 11 playing.

France 2 - Croatia 2

This game was all about mistakes and stupidities. Zidane took a free kick and under pressure from Silvestre, Tudor touched the ball and it went into his own goal. 1-0. Then in the second half Silvester ran into the back of a Croat, and being in the penalty box, the Croat tumbled down and got a penalty. Rapaic stepped up. 1-1. Then Prso got the ball, flicked it over Silvestre. Desailly was there to clear the ball but - surprise, surprise - totally missed the ball. Prso acted quicker and shot on goal. 1-2. Tudor, who already created an own goal, passed the ball back to Butina only to find it was going too slow. Trezeguet duly chased the ball, Butina kicked the ball which bounced back via Trezeguet's hand and he scored easily. The Croatian coach then put in Ivica Mornar, who is becoming the Emile Heskey of Croatia. In the last minute Mornar received the ball and turned easily away from Desailly. Now he's facing Barthez and what does he do? He scoops it wide. Very wide.

Lessons for the French: Desailly is too old and too slow. And they always need luck. Hmm, sounds like Germany to me.
Lessons for the Croatians: Tudor needs to concentrate and Mornar should never be allowed on the pitch again, just like Heskey.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Spain 1 - Greece 1

Greece is really becoming the surprise team of this tournament. Their previous record at any tournament is something they could not even whisper about, it was that bad, and now suddenly they are halfway to the quarterfinals. The only way they can go home is if they lose against Russia with more goals than Spain loses to Portugal. Very unlikely indeed, since Russia is halfway on their plane back to Moscow.

And if Spain loses against Portugal in the last group game, it will once again show that Spain are the big chokers when it comes to tournaments. A lot of people fancies Spain, but playing against Portugal, in Portugal, having to at least draw them, that is a bit hard. Especially for perennial chokers like Spain.

The game itself, well, Spain took control but gave the Greeks room to play. Morientes made the first goal after Raul benefited from a defensive error but in the second half the Greeks came back with a goal from Christeas (through the legs of Cassilas). Well deserved? Maybe...

Portugal 2 - Russia 0

At least Mostovoi is smart. He critisized his team and his coach and he got duly sent back home. Now he's sitting at his home somewhere watching his teammates get humiliated and having to go home as well. So Mostovoi can now go up to his coach and tell him "I told you so!".

The Russians never threaten Portugal and the Portuguese should've scored more, especially when the goalkeeper got sent off after being judge to handle the ball outside the box. Replays shows the judgment is a bit harsh.

Now what Portugal need to do is beat Spain. That will be a good match!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Czech Rep 2 - Latvia 1

Suprise! Latvia took the lead after some stupid egoistical act from Milan Baros. Merkapopvis (or whatever is name is) tapped the ball in just in injury time of the first half. But the Czechs replied by scoring two goals in the second half. From this game it looks like the Zermans can be beaten by the Latvians.

HOLLAND 1 - germany 1

It is supposed to be the match of the tournament but hopefully we'll get to see both teams play each other again in the semis or something.

Frings (or Lahm) on the sideline gets the ball, Heitinga comes to him, Frings clatters around and falls.
Frings steps up and takes the free kick which went straight into goal/
Van der Meyde steals the ball, gets it and sends a cross in to the center. Ruud van Nistelrooy flies and volleys a shot past behind Schwarzenegger, eh, Kahn, and scores.
Holland draws 1 - 1 with Germany.
"Holland should've won it. If only Advocaat knows what he wants from the beginning. F*cken Zermans! (me)

Come to think of it, Hollans always always start slowly in big tournaments...

Monday, June 14, 2004

Italy 0 - Denmark 0

Giovanni Trappatoni promised an attacking Italy. And actually he was right. In this game, Italy were trying to attack. Unfortunately, the Italians didn't count on Thomas Sorensen, the Danish goalie. He and Gianluigi Buffon were the men who prevented the audience seeing any goals. Some fantastic saves from both of them and the match ended 0-0. Italy could've done better, Denmark deserved better, but in the end no goals.

Sweden 5 - Bulgaria 0

Henrik Larsson retired from international football. But on the way to Euro2004, 100,000 Swedes signed a petition wanting him back in the national team. His son plead as well. Unable to ignore these 100,001 voices, he returned to the national team and forms a menacing attack with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The score line doesn't do justice as the Bulgarians were able to create chances and play some football. But they weren't able to make goals. The Swedes on the other hand were able to make goals. Larsson scored two, Ibrahimovic scored one and setting one up, Ljungberg tapped one in and Allback made it 5.

From the beginning I felt that the Swedes have the ability to go far, maybe even the semis. And looking at this performance, they will go far. Especially with Zlatan Ibrahimovic there. Yes I'm biased. The boy plays for Ajax Amsterdam!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Switzerland 0 - Croatia 0

Except for Jorg Stiel Barthez-esque moment this match was dull. Zzzzzzzz.....

England 1 - France 2

This match should've been the final. A match between two good teams. England was missing John Terry, but Ledley King did very well as his replacement. Wayne Rooney is coming to age and showing that he has fine talent.

England took the lead from Lampard's header after a free kick from Becks. In the second half Becks got a chance to make it 2 - 0 after Silvestre took down Rooney in the box but Becks shot the ball not wide enough and Barthez was able to save it. A couple of minutes afterwards, Barthez was his usual, stopping a ball with his nose after misjudging a shot from Vassell. Then Sven took out Rooney - who played excellent - and put in Heskey. In the 90th minute Heskey gave a free kick away just outside the box. It was his only contribution to the game. Zidane duly stepped up and scored a Beckham-like free kick. Two minutes later, Stevie G tried to pass the ball back to James but forgot that Henry is lurking around somewhere. Henry used his pace and got to the ball before James did and James clattered into Henry. Penalty. Zidane duly stepped up and showed his Real Madrid teammate how to take a penalty kick. England lost with two goals in injury time.

But it was a good match to watch....

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Euro 2004

It has started! The event I've been waiting for! Euro 2004! 16 countries playing top class football to be the European Champion. So fo the next 23 days my rants will be all about Euro2004.

Portugal 1 - Greece 2

It should've been an easy one for Portugal. It's their tournament, they are the host, they have capable players like Figo, Rui Costa, Pauleta, Cristiano Ronaldo, Deco, etc. And Greece isn't exactly a team you put your money on (unless you're Greek obviously).

However, the Portuguese looks as if they never played together. They kept losing balls and couldn't find Pauleta up front while the Greeks were playing solid. A mistake by Ferreira led to the opening goal of Giannakopoulus (or whatever his name is). And even if the Portuguese had more ball possession, they didn't do much with it. When Cristiano Ronaldo tripped that Greek guy and caused the penalty it was pretty much over. The Portuguese did pull one goal back, but only in the 91st minute.

The Portuguese suddenly have a lot to do. Otherwise they might end up like France in the World Cup 2002. They are more than capable to do so, but they need to play as a team. I guess not playing any qualification matches takes out the competitive edge out of the team. As for the Greeks, well I suppose this will be the end of their surprises. There's never any surprises with a German coach...

Monday, June 07, 2004

Weird Weekend

It all started on Friday. There was a birthday party, I was DJing, and the party rocked. Obviously I got drunk as everybody was giving me drinks (oh, it's so nice being a DJ). At 2 we left the place. Received a message so I took a wingman and headed to norma. Got there, found the objective only to be told that it won't work. What follows was probably one of my stupidest moments, all because I was under the heavy influence of alcohol.

Slept till Saturday evening, woke up, walked around and somehow bumped into the people from norma the previous night. I got myself invited to a bbq on sunday. Then I started the night at Pickwick's for the Holland vs Ireland match. If Holland plays like that, no way they will win Euro2004. (There's still consolation though as Germany was beaten 2-0 by Hungary). Had a couple of pints, drove around while getting some advice, antidote then shakers. What happened in Shakers is a total blank, all I remember was that I didn't stay long.

Sunday rollerbladed around, found some people, threw some frisbees, went to the bbq, smoked some, fell a sleep while Island In The Sun was playing on the telly when Caitlin and Charlie were walking down their office. Why do they have to air that particular episode?

"We can take it slowly. Just take all the time you want, I'll just be playing frisbee..."

Friday, June 04, 2004

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter is back in the cinemas again. Usually it comes out during Christmas season, but because the director has changed (the first two were directed by Chris Columbus, now it's Alfonso Cuaron) and some delays, the third installment of Harry Potter came out last week.

I have read all the books and by far The Prisoner of Azkaban is the best book. Harry is 13, he's growing up, he's angry and confused, his friends are growing up as well, and he faces a criminal on the loose. The story is dark, very dark for a 13 year old, but you can feel how he is growing from the book.

The movie itself has great visual treatment. The school seemed to moved more north, more into the mountanous area of England. All along it is dark (and some say scary). The trio is portrayed as normal 13 year old schoolkids. It is just Hogwarts as you expect it to be.

Too bad Cuaron was focusing on the visuals too much and left out bits and pieces of the story. There wasn't an adequate explanation of the bond between Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. Or what these 4 guys have with Severus Snape. No explanation of what an Animagus is. Or where that Werewolf came from. And other stuff. And who Mooney and Padfoot were.

This movie is good to watch when you have read the book. Without it, you'll understand bits and pieces but you won't understand the problems and feelings that Harry Potter, 13 years old, is facing.

"What the bloody hell was that all about?"

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


After three days of ultimate frisbee (see previous post/flyer) I'm tired. Dead tired.

Friday evening I was helping out here and there, then started drinking. Saturday three matches and helping out wherever help was needed. Saturday night at fete de l'espoir, drinking and smoking. Sunday again three matches and helping out wherever help was needed. Sunday nigh partying and being a DJ for a while (first time I played with records). Monday two more games (one with a hangover) and helping out here and there until night.

But it was loads of fun!

"tequila tequila tequila"