Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Island

I saw The Island last weekend. Too bad Michael Bay directed the movie. The story was good and could have been a good movie but Michael Bay just overdid it, somehow managing more explosions than Pearl Harbour and more car chases than Bad Boys II in a movie about a couple of clones.

By the way, spoiler alert as I will spoil everything.

So Ewan McGregor is Lincoln 6 Echo and Scarlett Johanssen is Jordan 2 Delta living in a compound that is a mix of Big Brother and a modern day spa. They wear Puma shoes, drink Aquafina and play a big X-Box.

Lincoln is a nosy guy so he keeps asking questions until one day he found the truth. Turns out he and the others are clones or in other words "living insurance policies". So Lincoln and Jordan go to LA to find their owners. And in comes Michael Bay chasing him with a full army.

After the movie I found myself with a lot of questions:

  • If they are educated like 15-year olds then surely they must know about sex?
  • It looks like a hospital on top of the compound but the outside shots show no signs of a building and no roads. If there isn't a building or a road, how does McCord go to work?
  • If this is a secret project, how come McCord is living in a dump? I would expect him to be paid handsomely for his job.
  • Lincoln likes to sip a bit of the stuff from McCord's flask, why does it not show on his urine test?
  • How did they eat and drink for one day after they escaped the compound?
  • Why is there a truck with huge train wheels when the trains all are without wheels?
  • Why did Tom Lincoln let Lincoln drive his Caddilac? If he knew Lincoln couldn't drive then he should've let him drive his second car. I can't believe a guy as rich as Tom Lincoln doesn't have two cars.
  • What happens with all the clones that was let free? That's like letting young animals into the Amazon without any protection. And what about the media?
  • How can the bounty hunters get away with all the destruction - even shooting at other cops?
  • Lincoln and Jordan still had their wristbands on. Surely the company can track them down using this wristband? They must have some sort of GPS device on it.
  • Why did Dr. Merrick go fight Lincoln by himself when he has an army of security guards at his disposal?
  • It's 2019 but a biker bike will still be the same as in 1989?
  • What was that forcefiels Lincoln and Jordan walked through?

And lastly:

Why the hell did they let Michael Bay direct this movie???

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Holland vs Germany

At a day when my country is celebrating it's 60th independence anniversary I was more interested in another event: the Holland vs Germany 'friendly' football match. Funny how I am more interested in the country that my country believes gained independence from (it wasn't Holland, it was Japan - the Dutch were long gone from there in 1945).

Anyway, the football match was a good one. Arjen Robben showed the Germans how to play beautiful football. He scored the first one after just 3 minutes and the second one just seconds after the second half started. He made a couple of nice actions. At one point he was running through the German defense when he evaded a couple of bad tackles in the box. Had he gone down it was a sure penalty, but Robben prefers to stay up and tried to pass the ball to van Persie who couldn't get to it. I'm sure it if was a German he would have been on the ground before you can say "Schwalbe".

But then the Germans came back as usual and at the end of 90 minutes the scoreline said 2-2. The Dutch totally outclassed the Germans but this is what you get when you play against the Germans. They have 2 half chances and they score both. Holland had 5 or 6 golden chances and only scored two. Holland also had the majority of possession.

Oh well, I enjoyed the match. If Holland plays like this then San Marco will make the Dutch world champions. In Germany.

On another note, England lost 4-1 to Denmark. Proof that Sven can't coach well and that the English team is way overrated. And that David James should never be allowed to stand between the posts in an England shirt.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ajax and the Champions League

Looks like I haven't ranted about my beloved Ajax for a while.

Last night Ajax played their first leg of the 3rd qualifying round for the UEFA Champions League against FC Brondby in Denmark. The game ended in 2-2 after Brondby managed to score a last second goal. Next week is the home leg for Ajax and I'm sure they will beat Brondby. Scoring 2 goals away is always an advantage.

Ajax started this season with 29 players. That's a lot of players. So at the beginning of this week, 4 players were notified that they won't be playing much and can look for another club. Daniel de Ridder, Rasmus Lindgren, Tom de Mul and Anthony Obodai are being let go by Ajax. Lindgren already found home at FC Groningen for one season. What surprises me is Daniel de Ridder. He's a good player, at least good enough to be at Ajax but he hasn't got the opportunity to shine yet. He's a natural right winger and only Mauro Rosales is in front of him in the pecking order. At the beginning of the season he wanted to go away but Ajax insisted on him staying. And now Ajax wants to get rid of him. Well, whatever happens I'm sure Daniel de Ridder will end up at a big team someday.

And revelation of the season so far is Nourdin Boukhari. Last season he was playing left wing and didn't do enough to grant a starting place. Danny Blind made him left midfield during pre-season and now he is shining. He's even making Sneijder sit on the bench. That's an achievement.

First game of the league is this weekend. I have a good feeling Ajax will win it this time. And go to the quarter-finals (mayeb even semi-finals) of the UEFA Champions League. Watch this space...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It's that time of the year again

What do you do when you have aged another year? Some people would go drink and party. Other will take time and reflect about the past year. Some don't do anything. Me, I just wanna have fun.

And by fun, I mean fun.

My girlfriend organised a fun trip on Sunday to an adventure park. Seven obstacle courses. It was big fun, although when I was doing the black course (called "Commando") I felt like I was about die. It was high up and I had to climb and step and do other stuff. Luckily I survived, but still. We spent 4 hours there just having fun in the trees.

At night all my friends came to my place and we drank and drank and drank. Monday was a day off. And there was a huge watergun as well. Just imagine that scene.

As for birthday gifts, I received the perfect birthday gift:

Yep, if I ever turn into an alcoholic I can pinpoint the exact moment!