Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pirates of The Carribean

Yesterday I watched the third installement of Pirates of The Carribean: At World's End.

I liked the first one, it was pretty fun. Johnny Depp was excellent as Captain Jack Sparrow and the movie was just that - a fun movie.

Then it became a hit and like any other hit, the producers wanted to cash in with sequels. So came the second bit and the third bit.

After watching the second, three words came into my mind. What. The. And fuck. I didn't understand the story, it was all just a big special effects parade and Johnny Depp looked a bit bored being Jack Sparrow.

Then came the third. It's supposed to be the final one, but if this cashes in another billion dollars then I'm sure there will be a fourth, or even a prequel, or a spinoff, or whatnot. The same three words were ringing in my head again after seeing this one, although not as loud as when I saw the second one. Again, the story is too complicated, too many main characters, endless scenes, and the movie a bit too long.

Seeing Jack Sparrow talk to other Jack Sparrows was just a rip-off from Being John Malkovich. Then the whole coming back from the dead deal, the pirate meeting, the hanging, etc etc etc. It was just too much.

The best bit was Keith Richards. Shame it didn't last long.

I hope if they do make another sequel that it'll come out in 2068 when I'm too old to go to the movies.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Talampaya 2007

Last weekend it was time again for the annual Talampaya. Shame the weather wasn't very co-operative.

As usual, I was dj-ing again on Saturday night. The difference with the previous two years is that I wasn't totally wasted and that I didn't puke mid-set. Quite a change! Based on what I saw and what people told me, they enjoyed my set. Some even said that I was better than the professional dj playing during the Sunday night party. So maybe next year...

The rest of Talampaya was as usual, lots of work, good games, more work, not a lot of rest, etc etc etc.

I really need some sleep now.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

UEFA Champions League Final 2007

The 2007 final of the Champions League is a repeat of the 2005 final. We got to see AC Milan square it off against Liverpool again. But before I get on with the game I just would like to have a go that both teams don't deserve to be in the Champions League.

AC Milan finished second last year, then got points stripped for being part of the Calciopoli scandal. The points stripped wasn't enough to send them to Serie B but it was enough to keep them out of Europe. Like any normal club, they appealed the decision and they were given a reduction in the points stripped (from 44 to 30). With the extra 14 points they ended up third in the table and got through to the Champions League qualifier. They should have been banned from Europe altogether because of the Calciopoli scandal, so for me they don't deserve to be in the Champions League.

Liverpool finished third in 2006, 1 point away from 2nd place Man Utd and also got through to the Champions League via qualifiers.

So both teams were not champions, not even contenders and they get to play the final of the Champions League? That's not right. And even this year, both teams are nowhere in contention for their domestic league.

That's why I agree with Michel Platini that only 2 teams from big countries should play in the Champions League and then 1 from every other country in Europe. The champions from small countries deserve to be in the Champions League as well, not just the big and rich ones. If all goes well, in 2009 Platini will have this idea rolled out.

As for the final itself, Zenden and Pennant were useless and Pippo Inzaghi was born with four-leaf clovers sticking out of every hole he has. Milan was going to win anyways, especially after what happened 2 years ago in Istanbul.

Three English teams in the semi-finals and the other one won, haha.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


A while ago I've decided to get myself a new laptop, to replace the desktop PC that I have at home. After scouring all options, I had to choose between these two: an Apple MacBook or a Dell XPS. They both had the same performance and probably the same quality. I could have gotten a discount for the Dell but not for the MacBook. However, I made my choice and it fell on the MacBook.

One reason is Windows Vista. I didn't want to be using Vista yet and then having to upgrade all my software. The other reason is my iPod. I've been so happy with my iPod(s) that it's only fair to try a MacBook. Another reason is a software called Delicious Library.

I got myself the white one with 120GB of storage to be able to store all my music on it.

I received my MacBook last week. First thing I try doing was connecting it to my wireless internet. But for some reason it couldn't connect. I called up my mate and he came over the next morning. We both had a go and then decided to reboot the wireless modem/router. Result: I forgot my password and had no internet at all. I also decided to buy a new modem/router as the old new was pretty crap anyway (it was a D-Link btw)

I called the helpline and they were going to send a security code by post. Since it was a Saturday, I only got it the following Friday. So I had a new MacBook but couldn't do much with it. Luckily a neighbour has an unsecured wireless connection.

But now it's all sorted. In fact, this is the first post I'm making with my new MacBook. I'm loving it. I've moved all my music and videos, I've downloaded all necessary software (firefox, cooliris for firefox, MSN messenger, delicious library, open office) and I will be using this one from now on.

My old desktop PC will get the same fate as my other outdated electronics: it goes to my cousin's place.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ajax signs Kennedy Bakircioglu

Yesterday Ajax signed Kennedy Bakircioglu. He is a Swede, an attacking midfielder and they bought him from FC Twente.

For some, this name probably doesn't mean anything. For others, like me, this name rings a bell. A big bell.

There is only one game I have played throughout the years. It's called Championship Manager (now it's Football Manager). In one version, I think CM2, Kennedy Bakircioglu was the player to have. If you start a new game with any team, all you have to do is buy Kennedy and he will always turn into the best player in the world within CM. I believe the CM scouts thought that Kennedy was the next Maradona. And I always bought him in whatever team I use, he was that good in that game.

Reality is a bit different as he wandered from Sweden to Greece and then Netherlands. Now he has signed for a big club (yes, Ajax is a big club, it's part of the G14). Hopefully he will be as good as he is in CM. If he is, then Ajax will reach great heights again.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Eurovision Song Contest 2007

Last Saturday some friends hosted a Eurovision party. It's actually a fun thing to do. We all went to their place, drank and nibbled while watching the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest live from Helsinki. We all had voting sheets and rated all 24 finalists. And Terry Wogan was there as well as usual as he is part of the Eurovision institution.

If you don't know Eurovision Song Contest, it's basically a song contest where each country in Europe sends a performer and a song and the whole of Europe can vote via phone and SMS. History has shown that Eurovision is usually very camp and very Eurotrash, hence the fun watching it while intoxicated.

Previous winners include ABBA, Lulu, Celine Dion. Last year winners were Lordi, a dark goth band from Finland, complete with monster costumes, singing Rock N Roll Hallelujah.

Anyway, from 24 finalists, some of them truely lived up to the campness (and gayness) required. And some entries were just painfully horrible (like Ireland). At our party, we all voted for Ukraine to win. Terry Wogan wanted them to win as well. But alas, they came second in the voting - which we think has been rigged as the winner is Serbia.

Serbia's entry was basically a lesbian singing about sore lips or something, not camp at all and not gay enough. Russia's entry was good as well, as they sang about blowing, tasting cherry pies, bitches, bad asses and more.

Well, judge for yourself which one should have won the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest:

Ukraine's entry
Russia's entry
Serbia's entry

"Sieben sieben, einz zwei"

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I've been reading Harry Potter again - hopefully in time for the last book, The Deathly Hollows. If you have read the book (or watch the movies) you will know that Neville Longbottom is very forgetful so his nan send him a rememberall once.

A rememberall in the world of wizardry is "A glass ball the size of a large marble. In its default state (when nobody is touching it), a Remembrall is full of white smoke. When picked up and held in a person's hand, a Remembrall will glow scarlet if there's something the person has forgotten to do." (from the Harry Potter Lexicon).

In real world, there are many times when I need a rememberall. Unfortunately, they don't sell rememberalls at the local supermarket. I have tried remember the milk on the web, but that didn't do me any good either because I forgot to log on to the web when I needed to get my list. I have tried using my phone, as it has a notes feature on it. But it takes too long to type in what I want remembering.

The best thing is still a sticky note, or as commonly known a Post-It. I think it's one of the best inventions ever. I just write what I need to remember, stick it onto my wallet and I have it wherever I go. I make my shopping list on it, my to do list, everything. One of these days I might end up like Milton on the poster of Office Space.

Anyway, what was I writing about again? I forgot.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Brugge, Burglar

Last weekend I went to Brugge, Belgium, for a tournament. Flew into Amsterdam Friday afternoon (after an hour delay), rented a car, drove 2.5 hours, got lost in the old town of Brugge, got into the hostel at 01.30 am. We played well and finished 5th. Then Monday we drove back to Schiphol, dropped of our car, missed Koninginnedag, checked in, then waited for hours as the plane was delayed for two hours. Got back home at 01.00 am.

I was in Holland on Koninginnedag but didn't have a chance to go into town and party. How is that possible???

And while I was in Brugge, Ajax lost the championship by one goal. One Freakin' Goal. ONE F*CKING GOAL!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Tuesday I went into the garage to take my scooter out and realised that someone went in and took some beers (they were Kronenbourg - I don't care). They also took my girlfriend's oxygen bottle for diving and my old Playstation I. Bunch of twats! Hopefully insurance will pay me back.