Friday, May 23, 2008

Champions League Final and Indiana Jones

Two things to blog about in this one post. Maybe even three, depending on my mood after blogging about two.

First, the UEFA Champions League final that took place last Wednesday in Moscow between Manchester United and Chelsea, both from England. Last time two teams from the same country played in the final, it was boring as hell (2003; AC Milan vs Juventus). This time it also went to penalties, but it was far from boring.

Man Utd came out attacking and in the first half dominated the game. They scored one via Cristiano Ronaldo but should've had at least two more. In the last minute of the first half, a Chelsea shot was deflected, hit Rio Ferdinand's back and dropped in front of Frank Lampard. Easy one for him and it gave Chelsea hope.

In the second half Chelsea turned things around and had the upper hand. But they failed to score. So the game went into extra-time. A great chance for Man Utd was headed away unhumanly by John Terry so it went down to penalties. Cristiano Ronaldo, whose goals and game this season was the one of the main reasons Man Utd made it so far, missed it by hesitating. John Terry had the chance to win the game but slipped and mis-hit his penalty. The ball ended up against the post and wide. In the end it was van der Sar who saved Nicolas Anelka's penalty and it was Manchester who was partying at 01.30 am in a cold and wet Moscow.

Then there is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Like many Indy fans, I have waited a long long time for this fourth installment. Critics were saying that this one sucks, but I watched it yesterday and I have to say that it's all in line with the other Indy's. They are as far fetched as the other Indy's were. If you're a fan, you will have seen it already and liked it. If you're not a fan, well there's not much I can say.

And the third thing?

My collarbone is getting better but I cannot do anything stupid with my left arm yet. Which is difficult to do. I'm prone to do something stupid.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Update on the collarbone

It's been almost 2 weeks since I've broken my collarbone. Right now, I can move my left arm pretty well although I cannot keep it straight yet - so driving a car is still out of the question. I can't lift heavy stuff (with neither left or right arm), can't throw a frisbee yet (I've tried), but I can do other normal stuff. And I still have to wear a brace.

I'm seeing an orthopedic surgeon soon, as my collarbone is sticking out quite a bit. It might need surgery, but I hope I don't have to and that it'll heal soon.

Even with a broken collarbone I managed to get a great party starting at Talampaya last weekend. As usual, Saturday was my DJ-ing set. It was a bit tough getting the crowd going but a couple of big beats always does the trick. Then it went into a haze of mixed-up songs. At one point I played Enter Sandman and this metal dude came out of nowhere and started headbanging and then asked me for Ace of Spades.

Today it's the first day back in work after 12 days off. Man it feels weird.

Monday, May 05, 2008


last wednesday i had a football game. after about 5 minutes the ball came into the penalty box. i quickly ran towards it, but there were two defenders between me and the ball. with quick thinking i put myself next to one defender and wanted to draw a foul, which will result in a penalty. as i was falling down, my left arm was caught by the second defender and i fell on my shoulder. straight away i felt that something was wrong, but didn't know what. i ran my finger through my collarbone and then i realised, i've broken it.

i got up, walked off the pitch, called my girlfriend, and went to the hospital. 4 hours later i got out with a figure 8 sling, some anti-inflammatory pills, some painkillers and some morphine.

i'm still wearing the figure 8 sling, but the pain has reduced a lot.

now just hoping that my bone will heal in time for my dj-ing gig on the weekend!

upside of this is that it's lovely weather and i don't have to sit in the office.
downside is that i'm typing with one hand only.