Thursday, May 27, 2004

UEFA Champions League Final

Yesterday was time for another Champions League Final. This time it's AS Monaco vs FC Porto. Last year's final between Juventus and AC Milan was boring as hell, I left the pub when it went to overtime. This year's should be interesting as both teams were underdogs at the beginning of the competition.

Monaco is an attacking team who depends a lot on Ludovic Giuly's creativity. His passes and runs usually feeds Fernando Morientes. Also Jerome Rothen is a hard-working left-footed midfielder who can cause panic along the left side.

Porto is a strong team overall with a hard defense to crack and skillful players such as Deco, Derlei and Carlos Alberto in the mix. They play as a team, as a unit and the one that stands out is the coach, Jose Mourinho.

The game started well, but after 23 minutes Giuly left the field because of an injury (which might even make him miss Euro2004). After that it was game over. Monaco lost 3-0, they didn't even had a single decent chance on goal even though they had a lot of possession of the ball. But an interesting final to watch in the pub nonetheless.

It's just the cars honking to celebrate Porto's win kind of kept me awake for a while.

And I found an interesting article about Adidas vs Puma. I know this trivia for a while, but did you know that the founders of Adidas and Puma were brothers?

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Monday, May 24, 2004

Monaco F1 Grand Prix

I first fell in love with Formula 1 in Monaco 1999. My cousin took me there and when I heard the engine roar for the first time on Thursday morning that was it. I fell in love. After that I became a fan of F1, following everything that is going on and attending other races. I went to Monaco again in 2000 and 2001. After two years of absence, I thought that it's about time I went there again. So I did. Again with my cousin.

We left home on Thursday, 11am. The road was a bit full as it was a public holiday and everyone was taking advantage of this long weekend. Since we were driving past Cannes, we figured might as well go into Cannes and see what the film festival is about. I missed Brad & Jen by a couple of days but there were other celebrities walking around. unfortunately I didn't recognise any of them.

That night was partying at Monaco. Parked the car on the main straight and headed to Stars n Bars. Tons of 'rich' F1 fans were there. We continued to Cafe Grand Prix at La Rascasse. All they had was expensive beer (10 Euros for a pint anyone?), but that didn't stop me from drinking. I was drunk obviously. It all ended when I had to puke because of the bad (and expensive) beer (Foster's). I just threw my head over the armco and I was puking on the Monaco circuit. In front of Ferrari's. Now I can proudly say that I puked on the circuit of Monaco, on the part where they are racing.

Friday walked along and looked around for stuff. I had a huge hangover.

Saturday we tried to get in without a ticket. In other circuits it works, but not in Monaco. So we just went to the beach and slept to the sound of roaring F1 engines going into the tunnel. There is no better sound to fall asleep with than F1 engines.

Around 4pm we drove to Nice, had dinner there and then drove back home. 5h7m after leaving a carpark in Nice we were back home. Went straight to Shakers to enjoy a typical night out.

The race on Sunday was a good one, by far the best of the season so far. Michael Schumacher losing it in the tunnel because of his own mistake. Trulli winning for the first time. Etc etc etc.

And when I came back to the office today, I realized that my boss won't be around until Friday. Can it get any better?

"I'm floating in you. So good to be true. I just want to be your..."

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Oranje in Euro2004

Dick Advocaat has announced his temporary 23-man squad for Euro2004. Not much surprises actually, although I wished he had some surprises.

Here's the squad:
Edwin van der Sar (Fulham), Ronald Waterreus (PSV), Sander Westerveld (Real Sociedad); Frank de Boer (Glasgow Rangers), Wilfred Bouma (PSV), Giovanni van Bronckhorst (Barcelona), Johnny Heitinga (Ajax), Michael Reiziger (Barcelona), Jaap Stam (Lazio); Mark van Bommel (PSV), Philip Cocu (Barcelona), Edgar Davids (Barcelona), Clarence Seedorf (AC Milan), Wesley Sneijder (Ajax), Rafael van der Vaart (Ajax), Boudewijn Zenden (Middlesbrough); Pierre van Hooijdonk (Fenerbahce), Patrick Kluivert (Barcelona), Roy Makaay (Bayern Munchen), Andy van der Meyde (Inter Milan), Ruud van Nistelrooy (Manchester United), Marc Overmars (Barcelona), Arjen Robben (PSV).

On standby as reserves: Jerrel 'Jimmy Floyd' Hasselbaink (Chelsea), Mario Melchiot (Chelsea), Paul Bosvelt (Manchester City), Andre Ooijer (PSV).

On paper this is a really good squad and are capable of winning Euro2004. I hope they will. Picking the best 11 to start a match will be damn difficult with the quality wandering around there. The good thing is that Advocaat can switch styles easily as these players are capable of playing different tactics.

I wished Advocaat had the guts to call up some young guns instead. Maarten Stekelenburg instead of Waterreus or Westerveld. Robin van Persie instead of Bolo Zenden. And Nigel de Jong should be there as well. Frank de Boer is there because he wants to end his career with a nice trophy. His playing is nowhere near his top standard anymore and among all the defenders listed, he's probably the worst.

Here's hoping that these guys win the Euro2004!

"Hup Holland Hup! Laat de leeuw niet in z'n hempie staan"

Monday, May 17, 2004


I just came out of watching Troy. If you haven't seen the movie, I strongly advise you not to. But if you are a stubborn person, go ahead and stop reading my review now, as it will be full of spoilers. However, if you have read Homer's Iliad before then what I will write about the movie should not be spoilers. Ah whatever, go read but don't sue me afterwards.

Troy is based on Homer's Iliad. I haven't read Iliad yet, but I am sure that the book is much better than this movie. Actually, that story does not deserve a movie as crap as this one. It's one of those movies where I couldn't wait for the end, and when the end came I wished I did better things with the 3 hours I just wasted.

Anyway, the Trojan princes - Hector and Paris - are visiting the King of Sparta, Menolaus, for a peace mission. While on mission, Paris shags Helen of Sparta, the wife of Menolaus. Even worse, Paris then takes Helen to Troy. Menolaus is pissed at Paris and seeks revenge with the help of his brother, King Agamemnon. Agamemnon conjures a Greek army, including Achilles and sets off to Troy for revenge. Paris confronts Menolaus and shows that he is a wuss. Hector kills Menolaus. Achilles doesn't like Agamemnon. Agamemnon just wants Troy and doesn't care for Helen. Hector is protecting his country. Achilles falls for Bresaias, Hector's cousin. Hector kills Achilles' cousin. Achilles goes after Hector. King Priam asks Achilles for Hector's body. The Greek build a horse. The Trojans take the horse. Troy falls. Achilles gets an arch in his heel. The end.

Did you get the story? It's actually simple. But all the bad acting, the bad effects, unnecessary details, forgotten things and Brad Pitt's muscles just distracts the attention from the story. It even has other movies intertwine in it. Paris suddenly becomes Legolas with his arch and bow. Boromir, eh, Oddyseus leads an army. Menolaus moves his light sabre, eh, sword, just like Darth Vader. Even Brad Pitt - who is a good actor (12 Monkeys, Fight Club) - becomes a one-dimensional character.

Everything was overdone. This is supposed to be a myth written by Homer, one of the greatest writers ever. But Wolfgang Peterson made it look as if Homer Simpson came up with the story. Wolfgang Peterson should be banned of making a movie again. Ever.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Keane, The Streets

Two albums have caught my ears and mind. Keane's Hopes and Fears and The Streets' A Grand Don't Come For Free. Come end of 2004 it will be likely that both these albums will be listed among the best of 2004.

Keane is just simple. It's Coldplay with piano instead of guitars. Just imagine Coldplay without Jonny Buckland and you're already halfway there. Keane is probably the next big thing from England. This trio - consisting of a pianist, a vocalist, and a drummer - are just making nice and easy-listening songs. Most of the songs are a bit/about sorrow, but it is full of hope. And they are catchy tunes as well. Having pianos instead of guitars is a welcoming change of scenery as well. Hopes and Fears is a brilliant first album. I instantly liked it and will be listening to it many times. Hopefully they won't disappoint me in the future.

Then there is The Streets' second album, A Grand Don't Come For Free. I'll tell you, Mike Skinner is a genius. On his first album, Original Pirate Material, we hear a lazy, pothead rapping with an English accent about everyday life. That album was already dubbed as a great album. Now Mike Skinner took it to another level. The music is pretty much the same, if not a bit strange. Skinner's rapping has softened a bit, so it sounds more like story telling. But the story he is telling, that is the great thing about this album. You should listen to this album from the beginning to the end and listen to his stories. It's a continous story of his life, from trying to do something, getting a girlfriend, going out on a date, breaking up, and so on. Mike Skinner might be a pothead, but it sure as hell brings out all the creative juice from his head. Hmmm, maybe I should smoke more...

Monday, May 10, 2004


It's official, Ajax are the Dutch Eredivisie Champions of 2003-2004. They beat NAC Breda 2-0 yesterday and made it impossible for PSV to catch them in the last game. Big up for my team!!! Although if only they did it last week while I was in Amsterdam, I could've been celebrating at Leidseplein as well. Now just hoping for a good Euro for Raffie, Sneijder and Heitinga (and maybe de Jong and Stekelenburg).

The weekend was a bit weird. Weather was awful, it was winter all over again. Friday night checked out Coolheure; saturday went to Huttwil to play the Swiss Cup, took the train back and then checked out norma; sunday cleaned up my place and watched a boring F1 race from Barcelona. Capped it off by watching American Splendor on DVD.

And then I woke up today with the sun shining...

"Tell me why I don't like mondays?"

Thursday, May 06, 2004

McDonald's, Chelsea, Three wishes, etc.

Just had lunch at McDonald's. It's nothing new, I go there all the time. But today my meal cost me CHF 20.00 . Usually I go there and grab a small Big Mac menu for CHF 9.90 . Or my favorite combo of a Filet O'Fish Happy Meal plus a Big Mac (with a free toy, yippee!), which costs around CHF 13.50 . I don't think I ever go above CHF 15.00, but today I did. They now serve these salads that look really good. So I grabbed a Crispy Chicken Ranch Salad, plus a McChicken menu, which adds up to CHF 20.00 . Isn't it ironic eating a (supposedly) healthy salad at McDonald's followed by a McChicken?

Chelsea didn't make it into the UEFA Champions League final. Yesterday they had to win at least 2-0 at home against Monaco. They did get that score on the 44th minute when Frank Lampard doubled the lead that Jesper Gronkjaer build, but it only lasted 2 minutes. Jerome Rothen ran on the left side, put in a cross that was headed by Fernando Morientes. As the ball bounced back from the post, Hugo Ibarra nicked in to bounce the ball back in (with what seems to be his arm). That goal did it. Chelsea lost it afterwards and no matter how much money you put into the team, it's almost impossible to get back. Interestingly, from all the players bought by Roman Abramovich, only 3 of them started: Wayne Bridge, Joe Cole, and Geremi. Ranieri still believes in his own players. Although some would argue that Gronkjaer and Gudjohnsen should've been replaced by the new signing, given that they both missed absolute sitters. It can be said that this is a lesson that money cannot buy instant success. But who would have thought last year - before Abramovich arrival - that Chelsea will end up 2nd in the EPL and reach the semis of the Champions League?

"The child is grown, the dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb"

Monday, May 03, 2004


I got back from Amsterdam last night. This morning was the first time I'm really sober for four days. Before it was just booze and parties. Well, what else do you expect when in Amsterdam?

Just a background story on Koninginnedag in Netherlands. On April 30, the country celebrates the Queen's Birthday by partying, having festivities and flea markets. However, Queen Beatrix' birthday is not on APril 30, it's on January 31. It's Juliana's birthday on April 30. But nobody wanted to party in January, so Beatrix said that Queen's Day will fall on April 30. Even though Juliana passed away. When Willem-Alexander becomes king, the date will probably move to April 27.

Anyway, got there on Thursday morning after spending Wednesday evening drinking and trying to send anonymous random messages to girls at the Sindy You Got Mail thingy. At night I went out with my cousin and some other friends and we drank so many Vodka's with drops of RedBull in it. Sweet!

Friday was the big party and I walked around to enjoy the festivities. The weather was nice as well, giving more enjoyment to the festivities. Everywhere there's a party. Everywhere it's orange. Everywhere people are having fun. I love this day. Add to the fact that I was still drunk when I woke up, and that I started drinking straight afterwards. I must've drank at least 5 liters of beer during the whole day. There was an ID&T party at Rembrandtplein, Rush at Amstelveld (highly recommended), people selling junk on the street for 1 Euro, beer, more beer, food, fun, sun, more music, etc etc etc.

Saturday was a bit chill. Watched Kill Bill vol. 2 (I'll write a review on that soon), went out afterwards. Sunday again, walked around a bit before catching my plane back home.

And Eamon's Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back) is slowly creeping into my head. Not bad...