Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hard to Beat

I've been a bit busy lately. I was in Munchen/Muenchen/Munich last weekend just sipping beer, gluhwein and more beer while walking around the famous Christmas markets. It's nice walking around holding a cup of hot alcohol while watching how commercialized Christmas has become. And on Friday I'm going on my Christmas vacation with my girlfriend for 3 weeks so I have to pack my bags and all in the meantime, while finishing work and sorting out other stuff.

In the latest edition of Q magazine, they listed the best albums of 2005 (I'll do mine when 2005 has actually finished, I still need to listen to some albums) and also a list of people's favourite songs of 2005.

Mine is Hard-Fi's Hard to Beat.

The song has everything for me. A good beat you can dance to. Enough guitars to make it rock. A simple story (guy meets girl in a club and spends the night with her). From a great album. Everytime I hear it I just wanna jump up and down. I will definitely use this song when/if I'm DJing.

"Read all about it, have you heard the latest?
Boy in a band, Babe's a hollywood actress
But baby, you and me, we came up from the street
No time to hesitate, we've got to push our weight"

Monday, December 05, 2005

Run, Run, Run

Last Saturday I ran the escalade. The first time I ever ran an official race in my adulthood (I did a couple of races when I was a little kid). And to my amazement, I finished the race, ahead of some other runners.

The race is 7.25km long and it took me 40.05 minutes. I came in 1592th out of 1863. You can all laugh your heads off seeing my time or position, but in all honesty I thought I won't be able to finish the race. You see, my endurance is bad. BAD. I can sprint for a couple of seconds really fast but then I'd be gasping for breath soon afterwards. We trained (I did it with my team) from a month before and during the training I never managed to do the 3 full laps. Only 2 at most and that with some walking in between.

So I could hardly believe it when I was running towards the finish line and actually finishing the race. I only walked for about 20 meters, the rest I ran.

I guess I am able to improve my endurance...