Monday, June 28, 2010

Holland vs Brazil, World Cup 2010

So in the quarterfinal Holland will be facing Brazil. As a Holland supporter I want Holland to win and my heart says they will. My head though isn't sure.

I still remember 1994. Holland vs Brazil in the quarterfinals. Brazil scored twice in the first half (the second goal from Bebeto with Romario in an off-side position but not interfering with play). Then Holland replied with two goals in the second half (one of them from Aron Winter) before Branco dived, got a freekick and blasted it in. Ronald Koeman kicking him when he was down probably made his shot harder. Holland met Brazil again in 1998, in the semis and it went to penalties.

For this world cup both team play very similar. A defense of four with the full-backs going up to support the attack. Two defensive midfielders in front of the defense to shield the defense. And four attacking players who can do what they want.

Holland is the only team that hasn't conceded a goal from open play but then again none of the teams they play against had an attacking trio the quality of Robinho-Kaka-Luis Fabiano.

The only light I can see is that Robben will be playing against Michel Bastos, arguably Brazil's weakest link. But then again Gio van Bronckhorst, 35, will have to fend off Maicon and Elano/Dani Alves.

Whatever happens, the game on Friday will be a classic. And I will cheer on the Dutch!