Monday, June 26, 2006

The World Cup is over for me

After last night's match, the World Cup is over for me. I know it's still going on but with Holland out it just won't be the same anymore. No more nailbiting and intensely watching and screaming at the television in a pub with my oranje shirt on.

Last night Holland lost 1-0 to Portugal. The game was marred by the number of cards the referee dished out. Sixteen yellow cards in total to 12 players with 4 players getting it twice. Which meant that Mr. Ivanov, the Russian referee, has set a new record at the World Cup by sending off the most players in one game.

Holland had lots more chances than Portugal but didn't manage to score a goal. Portugal did and that's how they got through.

It was already bad with the loss but the car honking after midnight was just icing on the cake. Damn Portugeezers in my neighborhood!!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Ten things we learned from our one week holiday in Malta:

  1. I need a visa to go to Malta unless I have a valid Schengen visa, even though Malta is not yet part of Schengen.
  2. The currency is Maltese Lira, it's more expensive than British Pounds and some call it sterlings.
  3. Malta is hot in June. Very very hot. And dry.
  4. Very nice dive sites, not much fish but plenty to see.
  5. The language is a mix of several other languages, none that I know.
  6. A taxi ride is very very expensive, especially at night.
  7. People are nice to tourists, because they want your money.
  8. Here you have Portuguese, there you have Italians.
  9. It's full of kids learning English, when in fact all they do is party. What kind of parent would send their kid to Malta to learn English anyway?
  10. You drive on the wrong side of the road. And everyone drives as if they are Italian.
We wouldn't mind coming back again though, it was very nice...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The FIFA 2006 World Cup so far

It's on and here are my comments so far on matches, teams, and players.

Germany - Costa Rica: I would never have thought that there will be a day where the German defense is crap but hey, there's always a first for everything. Klinsmann makes the Germans kick a lot of balls from outside the box since Adidas (who are Germans) have produced this ball that moves a lot if you kick it hard, making it harder for goalies, but the defense is shit. Oh well, it provided for an entertaining opening match. Paolo Wanchope is still quick.

Poland - Ecuador: The Poles are even worse than their neighbours.

England - Paraguay: It was a boring match. After 20 minutes England gave up playing football and after 60 minutes Sven shut up shop. Lucky Paraguay isn't in the same league as France, Portugal or Brazil otherwise we would all be laughing at Sven (wait, aren't we already?).

T&T - Sweden: Here's hoping that T&T makes it far in the World Cup. Very nice to watch and they seem to be enjoying themselves a lot. Whereas the Swedes needs to take lesson #1 in football and learn where the goal is and what to do with the ball.

Argentina - Ivory Coast: I've recorded the match but haven't got around to watching it yet. Heard it was a fantastic game.

Serbia & Montenegro - HOLLAND: Robben is fantastic. Robben is greedy. Robben is wonderful. Robben should pass the ball. Robben this, Robben that. Well, Robben is in shape and he can do a lot of winderful stuff for Holland this year. Bring it on Robben (but please do pass the ball once in a while will ya?).

Mexico - Iran: Mexico won it apparantly.

Angola - Portugal
: Portugal won it. I can hear it from the cars honking outside.

Australia - Japan: What a comeback! Can Hiddink do with the Aussies what he did with the South Koreans 4 years ago?

USA - Czech Republic: Go Team USA! Oh. Oh. Oh. How can they be ranked 5th in the world?

Italy - Ghana: Note to Ghana: it takes more than two to play football. Not just Essien and Appiah.

South Korea - Togo: This time Dick made a good change. Hey, it was bound to happen sometime.

France - Switzerland: The French looked like old men not really interested in playing football. Even when they were in front of goal, they don't shoot, just pass the ball. Henry couldn't do anything, Wiltord was useless, Zizou is too old. Lucky that Barthez didn't try to do his usual comedy routine. As for the Swiss, well what you expect with Frei up front. He has the ability to make a mess out of any chance. Even the easy ones.

Brazil - Croatia: The Brazilians weren't impressive yet they won it. It looks like they still have another gear but Ronaldo seems to be weighing a lot on the team. Literally.

Friday, June 09, 2006

It starts today!!!

The World Cup 2006 is starting today!!!