Monday, July 28, 2008

Paleo, Sunday

I did went to Paleo on Wednesday, but didn't stay long. We even missed Mika as he was on very late.

Yesterday I went again, to have some fun. I was quite tired actually as the night before there was a wedding and I only went to bed at around 03.00. Doesn't sound late for a Saturday night, but I'm getting old.

Anyway, got to Paleo, watched an old Brazilian chap for a couple of minutes, then queued for a "sandwich magret du canard" (good stuff, believe me). A couple of beers, then a malakoff. More beers, then a satay as I tried to enter Chapiteau to watch Yael Naim but it was too crowded. Hung around a bit then went to see R.E.M.

I was there 5 years ago when R.E.M. closed Paleo. Last time they were a bit somber but this time around they were rockin'. No sad songs, no stuff from Up, and Michael Stipe was up for it. Peter Buck was actually smiling and looked like he was enjoying it. It was a greatest hits set, but it was a fine performance to finish off another Paleo.

Who will they bring in next year? I'm still hoping for Foo Fighters.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Paleo 2008, Tuesday

Yesterday it started, the annual festival called Paleo.

At first I wasn't going, but then my girlfriend's mom managed to get a week ticket, so I used it for Tuesday because I wanted to see The Wombats. Unfortunately they pulled out last minute and were replaced by Young Knives.

I didn't get there on time anyway to see Young Knives.

When I got there The Hives were playing on the main stage. Weird seeing such an energetic band playing at 19.00 when the sun is still out. Howlin Pelle said it best himself, that the peak of the festival was right there at the beginning. It's quite funny seeing The Hives. About 6 years ago I once went to a party dressed up as a Hive (black trousers, black shirt, white tie). In 6 years time The Hives haven't evolved much and still are a Swedish garage punk rock band playing Hate To Say I Told You So. Anyway...

A couple of beers later, I was still looking for my friends. Couldn't find them at the usual hang-out place so watched Cali just to keep me amused. More beers and while watching Pete and The Pirates my mate rung me up and we started a small journey around Paleo, with lots of beers, a bottle of white wine, more beers, that began around the Bacardi Tent, via the Main Stage while Ben Harper was playing, through backstage and then the camping area. I honestly never realised how big the campsite of Paleo is.

Tonight: Mika.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

iPhone 3G

Last Friday, the gadget that I've been waiting for finally came out in Switzerland. It's the iPhone and it was the 3G version they came out with here.

Unfortunately, it wasn't just me waiting for this gadget.

Shops were open from 06.30 am last Friday to accommodate the demand. I'd rather sleep more. I passed by a shop around 09.30 and picked up a ticket for the queue. The ticket said 121, while the board said 33. That means there were at least 88 people queuing up. I thought "fuck this" and left the shop. (In hindsight, I've should've kept my ticket and returned after lunch - it would have probably been my turn).

On Friday night I had drinks with the boys and a friend also failed miserably in his quest of getting an iPhone 3G. He queued up at several shops and didn't get anywhere. He also heard that on Tuesday the shops are re-stocking on the iPhone.

Saturday and Monday passed (on Sundays shops are closed here). I didn't even bother. But today at lunchtime I was on a mission.

Unfortunately I was waaaay too late and all the shops (around 10) that I've went to all sold out.

The quest continues...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Goodbye Sammy

A couple of years ago I would never have put myself down as a dog-person. But since I've been with my girlfriend I have grown fond of Sammy, her parents dog. Yesterday he left us for good and it was a sad day.

It is still sad.

Goodbye Sammy, the best dog in the world. Ever.